UNibo launches with Scatters Casino

We’re pleased to announce that after a long period of product development, fine tuning and repeated iterations we are live on our first casino site – Scatters.com.

Scatters will be utilising the Unibo gamification tools to the full with daily promotions including Tournaments and Missions.

Full disclosure – this one’s our own casino, Scatters was an important part of the Unibo process as we wanted to ensure that we had everything just right before we launched to the wider market.

When you have your own casino it means you can experiment with the optimal campaign settings and get lots of player feedback. More importantly it means that by the time we go live with our first third-party site (and beyond) we will be fully immersed in the processes and potential issues that our customers may face.

It’s the perfect way to test a product.

Find out more and try it out for yourself.