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Engage and entice your Online Casino players with a variety of proven retention mechanisms at the push of a button.

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Engage and entice your players with a variety of proven gamification mechanisms at the push of a button. Pit your players against each-other in nail-biting tournaments and races, have them hunt for rewards with Unibo Missions or hit that one big, lucky payout with Hourly and Daily Jackpots. Gone are the days of just being able to do “deposit and get” campaigns.

It is time to up your game!

Engage your players

Engaged players come back for more, enjoy a 30%+ increase in average # of deposits per month with Missions and Tournaments.

Save time and money!

Create campaigns in minutes and free up your time and resources!

No development hassle!

Don’t connect to us, we connect to you. We work to fit our system to the way your platform works, not the other way around.

Success comes in



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Avg. Increased NGR

Flexible campaign types


Complete Tasks and get rewarded! Engage your players continuously rewarding Missions and Tasks.


This Campaign type keeps your players trying to beat their own score! Complete the tasks in as few spins as possible, and keep chasing for the top prize.


Reaching the competitive spirit in players is a great way to keep them engaged and enjoying the time spent with your brand even more.


Everyone has the same chance as everyone else to get high points and take home the top prize!


Keep your players on their toes with a constant chance of winning the Jackpot on every spin.

Prize Drops

For players who love the chance of winning something unexpectedly, we’ve created Prize Drops. Any spin can win!

Unibo’s vast range of campaign types combined with the setup flexibility of each type means your players can always have something exciting and engaging to do.

And there's more

From years of experience in Customer Relationship Management, we have built the Back-office as easy to use as possible, with the features we’ve always dreamed of.



Don’t spend time on repetitive work, and unleash the potential of your creativity with Unibo.

Dynamic Segmentation

Dynamic Segmentation

Segment your players based on details, game play activity, vip level and more.

Provider agnostic

Provider agnostic

Don’t stay limited by your tools, choose Unibo and combine games in any way you want..

Automatic translations

Automatic translations

No need to spend hours on translations in multiple languages.

What do our Customers and Players think?

Phil Pearson
Adam Kamiar
Dario Smirčić
Laura O'Brien
Adrian Schembri
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“Unibo is an amazing product. Adding it to our white label solution has seen our retention rates and player satisfaction increase significantly. The ease of use, the different tournament set-ups, and the creative ways of integrating the payments into our platform made this one of the best decisions I have made. ”

Phil Pearson White Label Casinos
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“There is massive potential with Unibo and this integration opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for customer retention and even great benefits for acquisition. We are in the early stages of our partnership with Unibo but I can say it’s been a breath of fresh air to work with a company that understands exactly what their consumer wants.””

Adam Kamiar Hero Gaming
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“Our experience with this gamification product so far is nothing short of incredible! Unibo has been a total game-changer for our casino, leading to better retention rates and increased overall spending by all players participating in Unibo campaigns. The interface is user-friendly, visually simple, and stimulating. The system of rewards and challenges has proven to work well for different goals of our promotions. Overall, we can't recommend this product enough. It has truly revolutionized the setup of our casino promotions, and it has become a staple in a short time, constantly proving its invaluableness with excellent results.”

Dario Smirčić
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“Unibo has been a massive part of our success and we're glad to say RANT players love it as much as we do. The options for engagement mean that we can constantly have fresh content for our players to avail of, all on a system that's easy and enjoyable to use. The team are professional, knowledgable and not afraid of sharing their learnings. It's a strong partnership that we will continue to expand as we grow our portfolio.”

Laura O'Brien RANT Casino
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“Unibo's gamification solution has been a game-changer for our online casinos. The tournaments and missions have made our gaming experience even more exciting and engaging, and our players absolutely love it. We've seen a significant increase in player engagement and loyalty since implementing Unibo, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks to Unibo, we're able to offer our players an experience that's truly one-of-a-kind”

Adrian Schembri Excitable Gaming
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“Unibo is an easy-to-use solution that allows us to create tournaments, missions and prize drops for our players in seconds. The various possibilities, the simplicity and an intuitive interface has been a real game changer for our players engagement and our retention. All this combined with a friendly and professional team makes Unibo a big win for our brand!”

Vincent AzurCasino

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