Unibo Campaign tools

Fully Provider Agnostic Campaign tools. Gone are the days when your choice of which games to use in a promotion was limited by who made them. And the below campaigns are just the start.

Challenging Missions

Guide and Reward Player Actions through Unibo's Missions. Set recurring Missions with Dynamic Prizes, all presented in a visually coherent way regardless of Game.


The Tournament functionality in Unibo is truly unrivaled. We've added plenty of different tournament types for the users to select from. All 100% Game agnostic.


Powerful and Flexible Jackpot Functionality. Progressive and Fixed Jackpots with Max Caps. Guarantee a Jackpot to fall based on Value or Time, or Boost the Payout Chance at Set times.

Why Unibo?

Unibo takes the best of what already exists, adds to it with more engaging and varied engagement elements and crucially extends them to cover all game providers.

That results in a seamless experience for the player with our in-game widget and simple setup, monitoring and reconciliation for the casino operator. All of this, in real time.

Oh, and did we say that the back office is mobile friendly?

unibo casino gamification concept
unibo casino gamification software

Tech stuff

During the Setup phase, our Dev team will do the necessary work to Retrieve Transactional Data and to Trigger Player Payouts in Your Technical Platform. Then, all your Frontend team has to do is implement the Unibo Real-Time Widget next to the Game on your site. That’s it!

Meet the Management Team

Unibo was created by a team of casino nerds and friends. We saw and felt the frustration of lacking a tool like Unibo so we decided to create it ourselves.

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