The slim, fast and easy to use back-office allows for campaign setups for all available languages in under five minutes. Don’t spend time on repetitive work, and unleash the potential of your creativity with Unibo.

Dynamic Segmentation

The Segmentation engine in Unibo allows you to segment campaigns based on player details, game play activity, vip level and much more.

Provider Agnostic

The Unibo Gamification System allows you to create promotions on any combination of games or providers. Work closer with providers with exclusive promotions for their games, or combine all Christmas slots in one promotion during the Holidays. Don’t stay limited by your tools, choose Unibo.

Automatic Translations

All promotions are translated automatically to the preferred languages of every player. Terms and Conditions are automatically generated based on the configuration of the campaign. No longer will you need to spend hours compiling and updating your content in various languages.

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