Missions, Tasks, Quests, Challenges - There are many names for these kinds of campaigns which keep your players engaged and working towards completing that next thing to get the reward. Create them Daily, Weeky, Monthly or as things to do on Special occasions. Pay out prizes smaller prices, but make sure to always have that glistening diamond.


This Campaign type keeps your players trying to beat their own score! Complete the tasks in as few spins as possible, and keep chasing for the top prize. Create a set of Tasks, decide how many spins your players need to complete them in and reward the ones who do!


Reaching the competitive spirit in players is a great way to keep them engaged and enjoying the time spent with your brand even more. Build your tournament the way your players want it and have them battle it out against each other for the chance to win big prizes.


For your Players on the go with a limited amount of time, our Races are amazing! Just like a Point Tournament but with one important difference. Each player gets the same amount of spins which counts towards the tournament. Everyone has the same chance to get high points and take home the top prize!


Jackpots have been around since the dawn of gambling and have just gotten more exciting. Set up jackpots across one game, a few, or simply all of your games. Keep your players on their toes with Quick hit jackpots which must drop before a certain amount, Daily or Hourly jackpots which must drop before the time is up or simply a good old fashioned Progressive jackpot which can fall at any time.

Prize Drops

For players who love the chance of winning something unexpectedly, we’ve created Prize Drops. Easy to set up, easy to understand. Choose a selection of various prizes, set the time period and off your players go. The promotion will randomly pay out the prizes to the players evenly over time..





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