Welcome to Unibo, where innovation meets excitement in the world of iGaming! We are a dedicated software development company founded in early 2019 by a group of friends, each with extensive experience in senior roles within the iGaming industry. Fueled by our passion for creating the most extensive, innovative, and user-friendly gamification and promotional solution, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize player experiences and empower operators and providers alike.

At Unibo, we understand the importance of engaging players in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Our solution adds an unparalleled layer of excitement and engagement, proven to dramatically increase core metrics such as player engagement, turnover, repeat visits, and retention. Unibo’s gamification suite is a dream solution for CRM and Casino teams, offering everything built from scratch and honed by a team with extensive operational and commercial experience in online casinos.

Our journey began in late 2018 when we realized that existing promotional tools didn’t fully address the needs of players and casinos. Determined to fill this gap, we decided to create our own solution. After two years of dedicated research and development, and multiple iterations, Unibo Gamification Suite was born. Since then, we have grown steadily, continuously developing new features to enhance our suite of tools.

What sets Unibo apart is our commitment to being supplier, game, and platform agnostic. This means you don’t need to limit your players to certain games or platforms. Run your casino campaigns across any combination of games, benefit from our in-game front-end solution for direct player feedback, and effortlessly manage everything in a single proprietary back office. Enjoy real-time statistics, alerts, notifications, and much more—all designed to streamline your gaming operations and boost player engagement.

Our founder, Alexis, recognized the need for a well-designed and user-friendly gamification system that seamlessly integrates with online casinos. With his prior experience as a Managing Director for renowned gaming brands, including Redbet (now part of William Hill) and Betsson Group, Alexis brought invaluable insights to the development of Unibo.

Today, Unibo is live on more than 10 online casinos and continues to grow rapidly. Our commitment to innovation and our passion for delivering the best possible solutions for iGaming drive us forward. Unibo is, without a doubt, the most feature-rich and user-friendly gamification and promotional tool available for iGaming. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and unlock the full potential of your iGaming business with Unibo.

The team

Alexis Wicen

CEO - Alexis Wicén

Alexis with his over 15 years experience in iGaming is well-versed in the ins and outs of the industry with a large network. His previous positions include Managing Director at Betsson Group governing their online casino-only brands, and Managing Director at Evoke Gaming and Redbet.

Alexander Grape

CPO - Alexander Grape

Alexander has been in iGaming for over 12 years, in positions including Head of Casino at Betsson and Casino Manager at Redbet, before co-founding Unibo in 2018. Alexander also heads up the Customers Success team.

Michael Litton

CTO - Michael Litton

Started his career in iGaming as CTO for Redbet in 2006. Has been in the industry for 8 years in iGaming, including Associate Director at Netent and has been in prestigious positions such as Director of Engineering at Snow Software.

Hannes Gerdin

Business Development Manager - Hannes Gerdin

Our business development manager, Hannes, has five years expereince in the iGaming industry including as a Sales & Management Consultant and also as Account Manager at Pragmatic Play.

Adam Pajkert

Software Engineer - Adam Pajkert

Adam is a Full-Stack developer well verse in software creation and management in Python and Django as well as Linux server administration and configuration). He has been with Unibo for the past 3 years and knows the system inside out.

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