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Attention: Retention! Elevating Player Loyalty in iGaming – Join Us at the EEGS Webinar

In an era where the iGaming landscape is more competitive than ever, understanding the nuances of player retention is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. That’s precisely why the upcoming Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) Webinar, titled “Attention: Retention! Unlocking Player Loyalty in iGaming,” is a can’t-miss event for anyone vested in the iGaming ecosystem. Scheduled for April 2nd, from 3PM to 4PM CET, this online seminar offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into the strategies that mold player loyalty and retention.

The Game Changers: Panelists and Moderator

At the heart of this webinar is a panel that reads like the who’s who of iGaming innovators and thought leaders. Moderated by Rossi McKee, co-founder of Telematic Interactive Bulgaria and Honorary Chair of AGIB, the discussion is set to cover groundbreaking insights into player retention strategies. McKee’s extensive background promises a rich and engaging dialogue.

Alexis Wicén: A Pioneer in Player Engagement

Leading the charge among the speakers is Alexis Wicén, CEO of Unibo. Under his guidance, Unibo has redefined the paradigms of player engagement and retention. With a product suite designed to electrify the iGaming experience, Unibo stands as a testament to innovation. Alexis brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on leveraging technology to foster an unmatched player experience that not only attracts but retains.

Dobri Keresteliev: Master of CRM Strategies

Dobri Keresteliev, the Head of CRM at Rise the Bet, brings a critical perspective on customer relationship management. His expertise in crafting personalized player journeys highlights the importance of understanding player behavior. Keresteliev’s insights promise to shed light on the intricate dance of engaging players in a way that feels both genuine and rewarding.

Neil Tabone: Commercial Strategies Guru

Neil Tabone, Head of Commercial at Benko Digital Limited, rounds out the panel with his deep understanding of the commercial side of iGaming. Tabone’s experience in navigating the complex market dynamics and his knack for identifying growth opportunities will provide valuable insights into the commercial strategies that underpin successful player retention.

Why Attend?

This webinar isn’t just another industry event. It’s a golden opportunity to learn from the best, to understand the emerging trends, and to see beyond the conventional wisdom of player retention. Here’s why you should mark your calendar:

  • Expert Insights: The panelists are industry veterans who have successfully navigated the challenges of player retention. Their experiences offer practical, real-world insights that you can apply to your strategies.
  • Networking Opportunities: The online format provides a unique chance to connect with peers, share ideas, and build relationships that can open new avenues for collaboration and growth.
  • Certificate of Participation: As a testament to your commitment to excellence in iGaming, all attendees will receive a Certificate recognizing their efforts to upgrade their knowledge in this fast-evolving field.

Unibo: At the Forefront of Innovation

For Alexis Wicén and the Unibo team, participation in this webinar is more than just an opportunity to share insights. It’s a reflection of Unibo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in player engagement and retention. Unibo’s innovative approach, which includes a diverse range of campaign types and a platform-agnostic infrastructure, exemplifies the future of iGaming.

A Call to Action

Whether you’re a seasoned iGaming professional or new to the industry, the “Attention: Retention! Unlocking Player Loyalty in iGaming” webinar is tailored to enrich your understanding and equip you with the tools you need to succeed. It’s an investment in your professional growth and an opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of iGaming.

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your approach to player loyalty and retention. Register now to secure your spot at the forefront of the iGaming industry’s future. Register for the webinar for free here.





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