Unibo BEGE EEGS Recap

Unibo Shines at BEGE and EEGS in Sofia: Showcasing Innovation in iGaming Retention

Sofia, Bulgaria – This week, the iGaming world turned its eyes to Sofia, Bulgaria, for the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) and the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS). A highlight of these prestigious events was the participation of Unibo, a leader in software development for the iGaming industry. Unibo’s CEO, leveraging his extensive experience, made a significant impact, both at the BEGE Proximity Zone and as a panelist in a discussion on “Gamification and AI.”

Unibo’s Pioneering Presence at the BEGE Proximity Zone

At the BEGE, Unibo’s CEO had the unique opportunity to present their groundbreaking Retention Product in the Proximity Zone. This innovative platform, designed for revolutionary product presentations, facilitated a dynamic interaction with the audience. The Proximity Zone, an extended format of the sales pitch corner, served as a live streaming corner for product presentations and interviews, offering an immersive experience to both on-site attendees and the online audience.

Insights into Gamification and AI in iGaming

Unibo’s CEO also participated in a critical panel at EEGS, discussing “Gamification and AI: How to Utilize the New Technologies for Unsurpassed Experience.” The panel, featuring experts like Georgi Malchev (Xplora), Aleksandra Andrishak (Slotsjudge), Mariana Todorova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), and Georgi Kanev (Kinstellar), delved into various aspects of gamification and AI in the gaming industry. Questions ranged from the application and challenges of these technologies in iGaming to ethical considerations and the future of AI and gamification in the industry.

Unibo’s Impact on Player Retention

Unibo’s CEO, with his profound understanding of player psychology and behavioral science, demonstrated how Unibo’s Retention Product could revolutionize player engagement in the iGaming sector. The product, known for enhancing core metrics like engagement, turnover, and repeat visits, has proven its effectiveness in increasing player retention dramatically.

The Future of AI and Gamification in iGaming

The discussions at EEGS highlighted the potential of AI and gamification in enhancing user experience and loyalty in iGaming. Panelists shared their visions for the future, emphasizing the need for inclusive, ethically sound gamification strategies and the importance of responsible gaming in an era of increasingly sophisticated AI.

In conclusion, Unibo’s participation in BEGE and EEGS in Sofia has reinforced its position as a frontrunner in the iGaming industry, especially in leveraging AI and gamification for player retention. As the industry evolves, Unibo’s commitment to innovation and ethical practices sets a benchmark for others to follow, ensuring a vibrant and responsible future for iGaming.





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