Unibo attending Casinobeats summit 2024

Casinobeats Summit 2024: Unibo set to join a panel on retention!

In the vibrant world of iGaming, CasinoBeats Summit stands 2024 out as a pivotal arena for industry leaders to exchange insights, forge partnerships, and explore the future of gaming. This year, the summit is poised to take place in the historical and scenic country of Malta, known for its thriving gaming sector and regulatory prowess. Scheduled from May 21-23, 2023, at the InterContinental Malta, this event promises to be a game-changer for attendees, including the team from Unibo, led by our CEO, Alexis Wicen.

A Meeting of Minds in Malta

As the CEO of Unibo, a trailblazer in iGaming software development, Alexis Wicen is gearing up to contribute to one of the most anticipated discussions at the summit. Slated for Wednesday, May 22nd, from 12:15 to 13:00, the panel titled “Loyalty or Personalisation? The Key to Customer Retention” will see Alexis delve into the nuances of modern customer engagement strategies alongside other esteemed panelists.

The panel, moderated by Gali Hartuv, CEO of WarriorLab, promises a deep dive into the evolving landscape of player retention. Joining Alexis will be Iva Tomova, Head of VIP at PressEnter Group; Maxim Verplanken, Head of Product at Happening; and Dmitry Beliani, an entrepreneurial pioneer in the gaming industry. Together, they will explore how AI-driven personalization can not only enhance user engagement but also foster a deeper loyalty among players.

Click here for the full agenda at Casinobeats Summit 2024.

Unibo at the Forefront of Innovation

At Unibo, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in iGaming technology. Our platform offers an unrivaled layer of excitement and engagement, proving itself as a formidable tool in boosting core metrics such as engagement, turnover, repeat visits, and player retention. With the industry gravitating towards hyper-personalized gaming experiences, our solutions stand as a testament to the power of tailored content and real-time interaction.

The CasinoBeats Summit offers an ideal backdrop for us to showcase these innovations. With sessions ranging from close-door workshops and hackathons to leadership training and global market roundtables, the event encapsulates the dynamic spirit of the iGaming world. Our team is especially excited about the opportunities to engage in game design, SEO, branding, and UX discussions—areas where Unibo has made significant advancements.

The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of iGaming

The discussion on AI’s role in personalization and loyalty is timely. As gaming environments become more competitive, the ability to customize experiences at an individual level becomes not just an advantage but a necessity. AI algorithms are at the heart of this transformation, enabling platforms like ours to analyze player behavior and tailor recommendations and rewards in real-time.

By discussing these topics at the CasinoBeats Summit, Alexis aims to highlight how AI can be a catalyst for innovation in the industry. The insights shared will undoubtedly influence how operators and developers think about technology’s role in user engagement and retention.

Networking and Learning Opportunities

Beyond the panels and discussions, the CasinoBeats Summit is a crucial networking hub. For Unibo, the event is a chance to connect with potential partners and clients who are looking to enhance their platforms with cutting-edge technology. It’s also an opportunity for our team to learn from other industry veterans and bring back knowledge that can fuel our own innovations.

As we look forward to the CasinoBeats Summit 2023, our enthusiasm is not just about what we will present, but also about what we will discover. The interchange of ideas at such gatherings is vital for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving iGaming landscape.

Join Us in Malta at the Casinobeats Summit 2024

We invite all our partners, clients, and the broader gaming community to join us at this significant event. For those interested in attending, please reach out to our relationship team for details on complimentary passes. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone in the gaming industry to see the cutting-edge developments firsthand and to understand the future trajectories of iGaming.

In conclusion, the CasinoBeats Summit in Malta is not just another event in the industry calendar—it’s a beacon for future-oriented discussions and innovations. With Unibo’s participation, we are set to make a substantial impact, driving forward the conversations around personalization, loyalty, and the technological future of online gaming. See you in Malta!





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