Jackpot Hunters

The Enigma of Jackpot Hunters in Online Casinos

Our series of articles on “How to protect your Online Casino” has gotten to the point of Jackpot Hunters. In the realm of online casinos, a group known as “Jackpot Hunters” exists, driven by the sole purpose of seeking out jackpots when the Expected Value of playing the jackpot slot goes from under 100% return-to-player (RTP) to over 100% RTP. These cunning players employ strategic tactics to target specific jackpots with the intention of maximizing their profits.

Unraveling the Jackpot Landscape
Discover the various types of jackpots that attract Jackpot Hunters:

1. Fixed Jackpots
Fixed jackpots offer unchanging rewards, lacking the chance of turning a negative expected Value into a positive one, the one thing hunters seek. As a result, these jackpots are largely not played on by jackpot hunters.

2. Progressive Jackpots
The allure of progressive jackpots lies in their ever-increasing values. Hunters strategically focus on smaller jackpots when they grow to enticing amounts.

  • Tactic: Hunters target smaller jackpot games like Mega Joker by Netent, which has a low seed value and a low average payout. When the jackpot reach an amount significantly higher than the average payout, the hunters show up and start hammering the slot machine. This maximizes their expected return as the amount they win, if they win, is so much higher than the average.
  • Consequence: Once the progressive jackpots in prominent games like Mega Moolah, WoW Pots by Microgaming, and Mega Fortune by Netent reach mind-boggling amounts, the hunters descend upon them in pursuit of life-changing riches.

3. “Must Drop Before” Jackpots
The “Must Drop Before” jackpots add an element of excitement to the hunt, with the probability of winning increasing as the jackpot approaches its limit.

  • Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Jackpots: The initial chances are slim, but as the countdown gets closer to the end of the time period, the probability escalates, inviting hunters to take part.
  • “Must Drop Before” a Set Amount: As the jackpot grows, so does the likelihood of winning, drawing hunters into the suspenseful chase.

The Dilemma for Online Casinos
While jackpot hunters may fuel intense gameplay, their primary motivation lies solely in monetary gains. As soon as the jackpot falls, they abandon the casino, uninterested in the gaming experience itself.

  • Revenue Impact: Jackpot hunters’ focus on quick wins adversely affects casinos’ revenue streams, as they are not invested in prolonged gameplay. When a jackpot hunter wins a Jackpot, they will withdraw it immediately and stop playing. If a genuine player wins a jackpot, they generally tend to keep playing in the casino.
  • Limited Loyalty: Due to their single-minded pursuit of jackpots, hunters show minimal loyalty to the casino, making it challenging for operators to build a loyal player base.

Addressing the Challenge with Unibo Jackpots
Unibo acknowledges the presence of jackpot hunters and endeavors to maintain a balanced gaming environment:

  • Fair Play: The Unibo team actively monitors and addresses jackpot hunting activities, ensuring fairness for all players.
  • Flexibility and Excitement: Unibo Jackpots retain their dynamic nature, offering an exhilarating gaming experience to all players, regardless of their motivations.

Embrace Responsible Gaming
Rather than focusing solely on monetary gains, online casinos encourage players to embrace responsible gaming, finding enjoyment in the diverse offerings of the casino landscape. While jackpots can be tantalizing, the thrill of gaming should be celebrated, fostering a community of players who relish every moment at the casino.

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