Chase setup tutorial

Mastering Campaign Setup: Chase Campaign Tutorial

Unibo is excited to announce the release of our comprehensive tutorial video, dedicated to guiding users through the process of setting up a Chase campaign in the Unibo Backoffice. This resource is designed to empower our partners with the knowledge and tools necessary to create captivating campaigns that resonate with players and enhance their gaming experience.

The Essence of the Chase Tutorial

Our tutorial video provides an in-depth look at the six-step process involved in setting up a Chase campaign. The video begins with the basics, explaining how to select the appropriate campaign type and detailing the initial setup stages, including campaign naming, scheduling, and recurrence options.

Detailed Chase Campaign Setup Tutorial and Walkthrough

The tutorial meticulously covers each aspect of the campaign setup. This includes defining the rules and prizes, where users learn to tailor the campaign to specific requirements, such as bet types and tournament structures. The video also illustrates how to set up the tasks and prizes, focusing on player wins and bet multipliers, with an emphasis on strategic gaming.

Segmenting Your Audience

An essential part of campaign setup is player segmentation. The video guides users through the process of defining which players are eligible for the campaign, based on various parameters like signup date and communication preferences.

Customizing the Player Experience

The tutorial also delves into the customization of the campaign overlay, providing insights on how to manage content visibility and player opt-in requirements. It further discusses the importance of aligning the campaign’s visual elements with your brand, including selecting background images and campaign icons for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Finalizing and Launching the Campaign

As the tutorial approaches its conclusion, it highlights the importance of reviewing and confirming all campaign settings in the final step before publication. This ensures that every detail of the campaign is accurate and aligned with the desired objectives.


This tutorial is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of campaign setup in the iGaming industry. It not only simplifies the technical aspects of setting up a Chase campaign but also provides strategic insights into player engagement and retention. We encourage everyone to watch this tutorial to fully grasp the potential of Unibo’s innovative backoffice solutions.





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