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NEXT:Valletta 2024 – Unleashing Player Engagement Through Gamification

In the heart of Malta’s historical capital, the NEXT:Valletta 2024 summit stands as a beacon for innovation in the digital and gaming industries. Scheduled for May 15-16, 2024, this event promises to be a pivotal gathering for professionals seeking to push the boundaries of technology and engagement. A highlight of this summit will be the MarketingNEXT track, where the confluence of marketing brilliance and technological innovation takes center stage.

Among the esteemed events, the panel titled “Gamify, Engage, Entertain” is poised to capture significant attention. Moderated by Alexis Wicén, the CEO of Unibo—a trailblazer in iGaming technology—the panel will delve into the riveting world of gamification and its profound impact on user engagement and retention.

The Power of Gamification

Gamification transforms mundane interactions into exciting and engaging experiences. It’s not just about adding points and badges; it’s about deeply understanding player psychology to foster loyalty and repeat engagement. Alexis Wicén, with years of experience at the helm of Unibo, will guide the discussion on how gamification can transcend traditional marketing strategies to create compelling player experiences.

Panel Expertise at NEXT:Valletta 2024

Joining Alexis on the panel are three distinguished industry leaders:

Each panelist brings a unique perspective, ensuring a holistic discussion on integrating gamification effectively to enhance the gaming experience.

Engaging Through Innovation

At NEXT:Valletta 2024, attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore how cutting-edge technologies and creative marketing strategies can be harmonized to redefine player engagement. The “Gamify, Engage, Entertain” panel will explore various facets of gamification including:

  • The psychological triggers activated by gamified elements.
  • The balance between challenge and reward in game design.
  • Case studies of successful gamification strategies that led to increased player retention.

Unibo’s Role in Retention

Central to the discussion will be the innovative solutions offered by Unibo. Known for its agnostic approach to gaming platforms, Unibo’s software enhances player retention by seamlessly integrating various gamification elements across any game or platform. This flexibility allows operators to maintain a broad and appealing portfolio, catering to diverse player preferences without compromising on engagement or functionality.

Learning and Networking Opportunities

Apart from the panels, NEXT:Valletta will offer ample opportunities for networking with industry leaders, discovering partnerships, and experiencing new technologies first-hand. Attendees will gain insights not just into gamification, but also into emerging trends like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more that are shaping the future of digital entertainment and marketing.

Join Us at NEXT:Valletta

Whether you are a seasoned marketer, a technology enthusiast, or an operator looking to elevate your platform’s engagement metrics, NEXT:Valletta is the must-attend event of the year. Under the guidance of thought leaders like Alexis Wicén, discover innovative ways to engage and retain users, ensuring they return for more.

To learn more about how Unibo can revolutionize your player engagement and retention strategies, reach out to schedule a meeting at NEXT:Valletta via Alexis Wicén, our Linkedin och here on our website. Experience firsthand the power of Unibo’s tailored gamification techniques designed to maximize player satisfaction and loyalty.

Prepare to transform your approach to player engagement at NEXT:Valletta 2024, where the future of gaming unfolds in the historic setting of Valletta, Malta.





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