SBC Digital Innovation Day for Casino - Keeping it Casual

The Forefront of Casino Innovation at the SBC Digital Innovation Day: Unibo at the Heart of Digital Transformation

In an industry that thrives on the cutting edge, the Digital Innovation – Casino day hosted by SBC on April 17 stands as a beacon of inspiration and foresight. With the digital landscape perpetually evolving, it is events like these that not only chart the course for the future of online casinos but also offer a deep dive into the strategies and innovations shaping the sector. Unibo, a pioneer in creating the most extensive, innovative, and user-friendly retention products for players, providers, and operators in iGaming, is proud to be part of this transformative journey.

The Gathering of Titans: A Symposium of Minds

This year, the event boasts an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists from leading entities in the casino world, including Soft2Bet, Betsson, Entain, and many others. Notably, the participation of Alexis Wicén, CEO of Unibo, underscores the company’s pivotal role in steering the industry toward a more engaging and player-centric future. The panels are set to cover a wide array of critical topics, from aggregation to the next generation of slots, promising insights into the mechanics of industry growth and sustainability.

Beyond Integration: The Power of Aggregation

In a landscape where content is king, the ability to aggregate and add value is paramount. This session, featuring esteemed experts like Jan Chircop and Aaron Lowe, will explore how beyond mere integration, aggregation can serve as a linchpin for delivering enhanced experiences and value to both operators and players alike.

The Evolution of Game Shows in Live Casino

Live casino game shows have revolutionized player engagement, offering a blend of entertainment and gaming. The panel, including voices like Graciella Anthony and Natalie Berenato, will delve into what the future holds for this vibrant segment of the casino industry.

Keeping It Casual: Learning from Casual Gaming

Arguably, one of the most anticipated panels features Unibo’s very own Alexis Wicén. The “Keeping it Casual” session promises to unravel how the igaming sector can leverage the casual gaming industry’s mastery over gamification to boost engagement and retention. It’s a discussion that aligns perfectly with Unibo’s ethos and its commitment to transforming player experiences through innovative retention strategies.

Unibo: At the Vanguard of Gamification and Retention

The inclusion of Alexis Wicén in the “Keeping it Casual” panel is no coincidence. It reflects Unibo’s stature as an innovator and thought leader in the realm of casino gamification and player retention. The session will offer a unique perspective on how the principles of casual gaming can be adapted to the iGaming context to unlock new dimensions of player engagement and loyalty.

Gamification: The Unibo Approach

At Unibo, the belief is that gamification is not just a buzzword but a fundamental approach to enriching the player experience. By integrating elements of game design into non-game environments, such as online casinos, Unibo has consistently demonstrated how to elevate player engagement to new heights. The company’s suite of campaign types, including Missions, Tournaments, Jackpots, Races, Chases, and Prize Drops, is a testament to its innovative approach to player engagement and retention.

Learning from Casual Gaming

The casual gaming sector, known for its wide appeal and engaging mechanics, offers invaluable lessons for the igaming industry. Casual games excel in creating immersive experiences that captivate and retain players through simplicity, fun, and the psychological underpinnings of reward-based systems. By examining these techniques, the igaming industry, with pioneers like Unibo at the helm, can further refine and innovate its approaches to player retention.

The Path Forward: Innovation, Integration, and Engagement

The Digital Innovation – Casino day is more than just a conference; it’s a roadmap for the future of the online casino sector. As industry leaders come together to share insights and predictions, the role of innovation in shaping the future of igaming becomes increasingly clear. For Unibo, participation in this event is both an opportunity to showcase its leadership in the field of gamification and retention and a chance to engage with and learn from other innovators in the industry.

Unibo’s Commitment to Industry Excellence

As the iGaming landscape continues to evolve, Unibo remains steadfast in its commitment to driving the industry forward. Through its cutting-edge technology, comprehensive understanding of player psychology, and unwavering focus on innovation, Unibo is not just participating in the industry’s evolution; it’s leading it.

The discussions on April 17 will undoubtedly spark ideas, foster collaborations, and highlight the need for continuous innovation. For Unibo, being part of such conversations is crucial, not just for its growth but for the advancement of the entire iG





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