Unibo Sigma Europe recap


SiGMA Europe, the iGaming industry’s premier event, offered a playground of opportunities and insights. For us at Unibo, it was a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Our team, led by our passionate CEO, embarked on a mission to strengthen ties, explore new horizons, and share our vision of revolutionizing player retention and engagement.

Unibo’s Engagements with Customers

Our journey at SiGMA was marked by numerous fruitful meetings with both long-standing partners and potential collaborators. These interactions reinforced our belief in Unibo’s unique ability to tailor experiences for diverse player bases. Our discussions centered around leveraging our state-of-the-art platform to create more personalized, engaging gaming experiences, proving once again why Unibo stands out in the iGaming landscape.

CEO’s Panel on Immersive Gaming Experiences

A highlight was our CEO’s participation in a panel alongside Darryl Manning of Wicked Games and Tudor of Tokacity. The discourse delved into the realms of immersive gaming experiences. Our CEO shared insights on how Unibo’s innovative features, like real-time statistics and in-game feedback, are pivotal in crafting such experiences. This session not only positioned Unibo at the forefront of immersive gaming but also underlined our commitment to continual innovation.

Networking and Industry Insight

SiGMA Europe was a melting pot of ideas and strategies. Our team engaged in enriching conversations with industry peers, gleaning insights into emerging trends and player preferences. These interactions are invaluable as they inform our strategic approach, ensuring Unibo remains agile and responsive to the evolving iGaming landscape.

Highlighting Industry Parties and Social Events

The social events were as enlightening as they were entertaining. At PlaynGo’s vibrant party, SBC’s Malta Baby event, Thunderkick‘s engaging meet and greet, and Octoplay’s lively party, we not only unwound but also forged meaningful connections. These gatherings underscored the importance of community within iGaming, providing a casual backdrop for discussing future collaborations and shared visions.


SiGMA Europe was more than an event; it was a testament to Unibo’s growing influence and commitment to excellence in the iGaming world. We left with renewed energy, fresh ideas, and a stronger network, ready to elevate the player experience and redefine engagement and retention in online gaming. Stay tuned for what’s next from Unibo, as we continue to break new ground in the industry.





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