Our CEO attended the Prague Gaming and Tech Summit.

I recently attended the Prague Gaming and Tech Summit, hosted and organized by Hipther. I have to say that I was very impressed with the event, the hotel venue and the city as a whole. It was not my first time in Prague, and it certainly wont be my last as it is a beautiful city with wonderful architecture.

The event was well-organized, the venue was fantastic, and the organizers did an excellent job of managing the conference, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The conference had a fantastic lineup of speakers, covering a range of topics related to iGaming, from regulations and compliance to marketing and gamification. The talks were engaging, insightful, and educational, and I came away from the event with a lot of new knowledge.

But what really stood out to me was the networking opportunities. The conference was smaller than some of the larger industry events, which made it easier to connect with other attendees and build relationships. I had the chance to meet many interesting people from the industry, including other CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals in various iGaming fields. The discussions were engaging, and I came away from the event with many new connections and potential business partners.

In summary, I believe that smaller conferences like the Prague Gaming and Tech Summit are a great way to share knowledge and network in the iGaming industry. They provide an intimate and engaging environment that allows for meaningful discussions and connections. If you’re looking for an event that’s well-organized, interesting, educational, and offers good access to networking, I highly recommend checking out Hipther’s lineup of events. I am already looking forward to attending future events organized by them.

If you have the chance to attend the Prague Gaming and Tech summit next year, I highly recommend taking it.

Will I see you at their “Mare Balticum” event in May?





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