Unibo Recognized as Startup to keep an eye on.

Unibo: A Beacon of Innovation in Malta’s Tech Landscape

In a remarkable achievement for Unibo, the company has been heralded as one of the top 10 startups in Malta for 2024. This prestigious recognition, featured in a recent article by EU-Startups, underscores Unibo’s significant contributions to the evolving world of iGaming.

As the CEO of Unibo, I am thrilled to share this momentous accolade with our dedicated team and loyal customers. Our journey, fueled by relentless innovation and a deep understanding of player psychology, has established Unibo as a forerunner in the iGaming industry.

What Sets Unibo Apart?

Unibo’s rise to prominence is rooted in our unique approach to player retention. Our software transcends traditional boundaries, offering a multifaceted, game-agnostic platform. This flexibility allows operators to run casino campaigns across an array of games, ensuring no player preference is left unaddressed.

Our in-game solutions provide direct feedback to players, enhancing their gaming experience. The back-office management system is a testament to simplicity and efficiency, integrating alerts, real-time statistics, and a suite of campaign types including Missions, Tournaments, Prize Drops and more.

The Impact on iGaming

The recognition by EU-Startups is not just an honor for Unibo but a nod to the innovative spirit driving Malta’s tech industry. Our achievements reflect a broader trend of excellence and creativity in Maltese startups.

In 2024, Unibo continues to break new ground. Our focus remains on delivering an unparalleled gaming experience, one that captivates and retains players. It’s about understanding the thrill of the game, much like a sports fan revels in the unpredictable nature of their favorite sport.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this recognition, our vision for the future is clear. We aim to continue redefining the iGaming landscape, staying ahead of industry trends, and most importantly, keeping player engagement at the heart of everything we do.

Join us in this exciting journey as we pave the way for a new era in iGaming. At Unibo, the future is not just something we predict—it’s something we create.





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