Unibo and Igaming platform integrated!

We are thrilled to announce the successful integration between Unibo and iGaming Platform (IGP). This collaboration now offers Unibo’s cutting-edge gamification solutions to all customers on the IGP network, further enhancing the online casino experience.

Since 2017, iGaming Platform has been pioneering the latest technology for the iGaming industry, providing platform solutions that cater to various markets. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), IGP is an ideal choice for those new to iGaming or looking to launch an online casino site.

IGP’s platform solutions emphasize a smooth and functional back-office and admin system, supplying the necessary technology to build and deploy engaging gaming experiences. Their advanced progressive web app solutions cater to clients’ needs while maintaining a simple and intuitive UI. This user-friendly interface enables quick and easy content changes, updates to offers and promotions, and even adjustments to the layout of casino sites.

With the integration of Unibo’s gamification suite, IGP customers can now leverage a diverse range of promotional tools, including Tournaments, Missions, Prize Drops, and Races. According to Yu-kai Chou, a renowned gamification expert and the creator of the Octalysis Framework, competition is one of the eight core drivers of human motivation. By incorporating elements of competition into iGaming platforms, online casinos can tap into players’ inherent desire to compete and excel, further enhancing engagement and retention.

With the integration of Unibo’s gamification suite, IGP customers can now utilize the power of competition through Tournaments. These Tournaments come in various formats, such as Big Win, Points, and Mission Tournaments, catering to different player preferences and ensuring there is something for everyone. By participating in these Tournaments, players are motivated to compete against each other for the chance to win big prizes, fostering an environment of excitement and camaraderie.

The Unibo and iGaming Platform integration signifies a significant milestone. This integration opens up new opportunities for online casinos to provide captivating and competitive gaming experiences, ensuring they stay ahead in the ever-evolving market.

If you’re an online casino operator seeking to enhance your platform with Unibo’s gamification solutions, don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities that await through the integrated iGaming Platform. Together, we are committed to driving the future of the iGaming industry, providing you with the tools and technology necessary to create exceptional gaming experiences for your players.





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