ICE London Recap

This year, ICE London once again set the stage for the most influential gathering in the iGaming industry, and Unibo was at the heart of it. Our CEO, Alexis Wicen, led the charge, delving into the dynamic world of iGaming innovation, networking with industry leaders, and exploring new horizons for Unibo.

ICE London offered an unparalleled opportunity for Unibo to showcase our cutting-edge retention solutions and engage with potential and existing partners. Alexis’s meetings with various stakeholders reinforced our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in iGaming, ensuring that Unibo remains at the forefront of industry innovation in player engagement and retention.

The event was a hotbed for discovering the latest trends shaping the future of iGaming. From advancements in virtual reality and blockchain to the growing importance of responsible gaming, Alexis gained valuable insights into how these innovations can be integrated into Unibo’s offerings. This knowledge is crucial as we continue to develop our platform to meet the evolving needs of players and operators alike.

Networking events and evening gatherings were a highlight of our ICE London experience, offering a chance to strengthen bonds with current partners and forge new ones. These interactions are invaluable, as they allow us to collaborate more effectively and envision new ways to enhance player engagement and retention together.

As we reflect on our time at ICE London, we’re excited about the future. The insights and connections gained at the event are catalysts for growth, driving us to innovate and deliver even more value to our clients and their players. Unibo is more ready than ever to lead the charge in creating the most engaging, innovative, and user-friendly retention products in iGaming.

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