Unibo attending Eastern European Gaming Summit

Unibo attending the Eastern European Gaming Summit
This November, the vibrant city of Sofia, Bulgaria, will be the epicenter of the gaming world as it hosts two of the most significant events in the European gaming sector: The Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) and the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS). Amidst the galaxy of industry stalwarts, Unibo’s CEO, Alexis Wicen, will be taking center stage, joining a panel discussion on the pivotal topic of Gamification and Retention.

BEGE, renowned as one of Europe’s premier gaming events, is a grand showcase of the latest products, services, and solutions from over 80 companies spanning the entire gaming spectrum. From traditional casino offerings to the latest in digital products, BEGE is the melting pot of innovation and creativity. The expo not only attracts manufacturers, suppliers, and operators but also serves as a nexus for affiliates, payment service providers, and media. It’s a testament to BEGE’s stature that it consistently offers unparalleled networking opportunities, making it the go-to event for gaming professionals across Europe.

On the other hand, EEGS is the conference that complements BEGE’s expo grandeur. It’s where the industry’s brightest minds converge to share insights, experiences, and ideas. EEGS offers a deep dive into the latest regulatory and technological developments across Europe. With over 250 industry representatives from 22 countries, the summit is a treasure trove of knowledge. Topics range from the impact of cryptocurrencies in gaming, the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in countries like Poland, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria, to the integration of cutting-edge technologies like VR & AR. The conference is an initiative by the Association of Gaming Industry in Bulgaria (AGIB), further cementing its credibility.

Alexis Wicen, with his expertise in the realm of gamification, is eagerly looking forward to his visit to Sofia. His participation in the panel discussion promises to shed light on the nuances of gamification, its role in player retention, and its future trajectory. Alexis’s insights, backed by his hands-on experience with Unibo, are bound to offer attendees a fresh perspective on the subject.

But it’s not just about the panel for Alexis. He’s keen on immersing himself in the rich culture of Sofia and connecting with fellow attendees. Whether it’s a deep dive into gamification, discussing retention strategies, or simply sharing a coffee or beer, Alexis is open to conversations. If you’re attending the event, it’s a golden opportunity to connect with Alexis and learn more about Unibo.

In conclusion, the combined allure of BEGE and EEGS in Sofia promises to be an event for the ages. Here’s to two days of insights, networking, and forging new partnerships!





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