Unibo attends SiGMA Balkans

Unibo attends SiGMA Balkans. Unibo CEO Alexis Wicén made his presence felt at SiGMA Balkans 2022. SiGMA Balkans was an iGaming conference held in Belgrade, Serbia, August 2022. The conference provided an ideal platform for Wicén to discuss the future of iGaming and Unibo’s role in the rapidly evolving sector. Unibo is poised to deliver next gen gamification to the iGaming sector.

The SiGMA Balkans conference is a premier event in the iGaming calendar, bringing together experts, business leaders, and investors from around the world. This year’s edition showcased the latest technological innovations, regulatory updates, and market insights to help industry players stay ahead of the curve.

Alexis Wicén, participated in a thought-provoking panel discussion. The panel focused on highlighting the potential of gamification and artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the iGaming landscape. Wicén also shared insights on how Unibo’s state-of-the-art gamification solutions have helped operators to deliver a seamless and engaging experience to their customers.

Unibo – a Trailblazer in Gamification for iGaming

Under Wicén’s leadership, Unibo has emerged as a trailblazer in the iGaming sector. This is made possible through its innovative products and services continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. By attending SiGMA Balkans 2022, the company underscored the importance of staying updated with the latest trends and developments. Unibo will attend many future conference in this burgeoning sector. As a result, there will likely be many new partnerships for Unibo going forward.

Networking was another crucial aspect of the conference. It offered attendees the opportunity to establish connections and forge partnerships with other industry leaders. For Unibo, this meant exploring potential collaborations and identifying new markets for expansion. We expect to soon expand with partners in the surrounding markets.

The participation of Alexis Wicén and Unibo in SiGMA Balkans 2022 is a testament to their determination to remain at the forefront of the iGaming industry. By engaging in discussions and gaining insights from the event, the company is better equipped to anticipate market shifts, adapt to regulatory changes, and ultimately, create better gaming experiences for players worldwide.

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, conferences like SiGMA Balkans play a crucial role in shaping its future. As a result of participating, Unibo is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities available. This ensures a bright future for the company and its stakeholders.





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