Unibo attends sigma europe 2023

Unibo attends SiGMA Europe to forge new Partnerships and more!

In the heart of the Mediterranean, an event pulsates with the collective heartbeat of the iGaming industry. SiGMA Europe stands as a beacon of knowledge, networking, and opportunity, drawing the who’s who from the global iGaming community. This year, between the 14th and 16th of November, the conference SiGMA Europe will unfurl its wings, promising to be an epicenter of innovation and collaboration. Among the esteemed attendees are Unibo’s key figures: CEO Alexis Wicen, CPO Alexander Grape, and Business Development Manager Hannes Gerdin.

SiGMA Europe: A Brief Overview

SiGMA Europe is more than a conference; it’s a melting pot of ideas, a stage for the latest innovations, and a crossroads for business leaders looking to pave the future of iGaming. The conference boasts a schedule brimming with expert-led panels, workshops, and an exhibition floor showcasing the newest industry developments.

Unibo’s Agenda: Meetings, Networking, and Panels

For Unibo, SiGMA Europe represents a strategic opportunity on multiple fronts. As Unibo’s champions, Alexis, Alexander, and Hannes have a clear vision for their attendance—to fortify existing relationships, forge new alliances, and gain invaluable insights from the spectrum of panels and discussions.

Cementing Partnerships

Unibo is a name synonymous with groundbreaking retention products in the iGaming sphere, and SiGMA is the perfect stage to demonstrate this prowess. The team’s agenda is packed with meetings with old partners—those who have witnessed Unibo’s evolution and have been part of its success story. These meetings are not mere formalities but a chance to reaffirm mutual goals, discuss feedback, and plan future collaborations.

Forging New Alliances

The future holds untapped potential, and Unibo’s leaders are well aware of the importance of expanding their collaborative horizons. Hannes Gerdin, with his acumen in business development, is particularly focused on this aspect. SiGMA Europe provides a fertile ground for initiating dialogues with prospective partners, understanding their needs, and aligning them with Unibo’s innovative solutions.

Networking: The Art and Science

Networking is an art Unibo’s representatives have mastered and a science they continue to explore. The informal, spontaneous interactions that happen in the corridors of the conference are as valuable as the scheduled meetings. These serendipitous connections can often lead to collaborations that might reshape Unibo’s strategy or introduce novel ways to enhance their product offerings.

Learning from Insightful Panels

SiGMA Europe is renowned for its content-rich panels, which delve into the core issues and opportunities within the iGaming industry. From discussions on regulatory challenges to the integration of cutting-edge technologies, Unibo’s team is there to listen, learn, and later implement these learnings into their work. The knowledge gained from these panels is crucial for maintaining the agility and forward-thinking approach that Unibo prides itself on.

Unibo’s Role in the Future of iGaming

Unibo’s presence at SiGMA Europe is not just about maintaining a competitive edge; it’s about actively shaping the future of iGaming. The insights that Alexis, Alexander, and Hannes bring back will be instrumental in refining Unibo’s already impressive product—the retention solution that stands unmatched in the industry for its user-friendliness and efficiency.

A Platform-Agnostic Approach

In a world where players are often restricted to specific games due to platform limitations, Unibo champions a platform-agnostic approach. This philosophy is particularly relevant in discussions about the future of iGaming, where flexibility and freedom are key to user engagement and satisfaction. SiGMA Europe’s panels on innovation will be an opportunity for Unibo to discuss and demonstrate the benefits of this approach.

A Fusion of Experience and Innovation

Unibo’s leadership team brings a unique blend of experience and innovative thinking to the table. With Alexis Wicen at the helm, who carries the legacy of being a former professional Counterstrike player, Unibo embodies a culture that understands player psychology intimately. This insight is invaluable in panels that explore player engagement and retention.

The SiGMA Europe Experience: Unibo’s Expectations

As Unibo’s team prepares to step into the halls of SiGMA Europe, their expectations are high but grounded in the reality of the ever-changing iGaming landscape. The conference will offer a kaleidoscope of opportunities to learn from peers, challenge competitors, and engage with the latest trends.

Engaging with the Latest Trends

SiGMA Europe will be buzzing with the latest trends and advancements in iGaming technology. For Unibo, staying abreast of these developments is not just about maintaining relevance; it’s about leading the charge in incorporating these innovations into their solutions.

Unveiling Opportunities

The conference is also a launchpad for identifying new opportunities. Whether it’s a gap in the market for a new type of retention tool or a potential partnership that could open new doors, Unibo’s team is there to spot these prospects.

Showcasing Unibo’s Excellence

SiGMA Europe is also a stage for Unibo to showcase its excellence. The team is there to engage with stakeholders, articulate the value of Unibo’s products, and demonstrate their impact on player engagement and retention metrics.

Conclusion: A Journey of Opportunity

As Alexis Wicen, Alexander Grape, and Hannes Gerdin traverse the floors of SiGMA Europe, their journey is one of opportunity. Each handshake, each exchange of ideas, and each panel contributes to the tapestry of Unibo’s story—one that is continually being woven with threads of innovation, partnership, and strategic growth.

In anticipation of a productive conference, the trio from Unibo steps forward with a clear vision and a commitment to excellence. SiGMA Europe is not just another event; it’s a pivotal chapter in Unibo’s ongoing narrative, one that promises to bring exciting developments in the iGaming industry and for Unibo itself.





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