Unibo attends GAME 2023

Unibo attends GAME 2023

The gaming industry is evolving at a rapid pace, driven by technological advancements, changing customer preferences, and the rise of innovative gaming platforms. In this exciting landscape, Eventus International presents the 3rd Annual Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Event (GAME) to be held in the historic city of Athens, Greece, from 19th to 20th October 2023. The event will be hosted at the exquisite Electra Palace, where participants will experience the warmth of Greek hospitality while gaining valuable insights into the gaming market.

One of the highly anticipated speakers at GAME 2023 is Alexis Wicen, the esteemed CEO of Unibo. With extensive experience in the gaming industry and a deep understanding of customer engagement strategies, Alexis is poised to contribute valuable insights to two crucial panels during the event.

Marketing Strategies for a New Era of Gaming: Best Practices for Customer Engagement and Retention

The first panel, “Marketing Strategies for a New Era of Gaming,” will explore the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement in the gaming industry. As gaming enthusiasts become increasingly discerning and tech-savvy, marketing professionals face the challenge of creating innovative strategies to capture and retain their attention. Alexis Wicen will shed light on best practices for customer engagement, drawing from Unibo’s gamification suite, which has revolutionized player experiences in online casinos.

Unibo’s gamification suite offers dynamic and engaging gameplay elements for online Casinos, such as missions, chases, tournaments, jackpots, and more, that keep players enthralled and coming back for more. Alexis will share how these gamification elements can be integrated with marketing efforts to create a more personalized and immersive gaming experience for players.

Managing the Customer Lifecycle: How to Build Lasting Brand Loyalty Beyond Bonuses, Promos, and Campaigns

The second panel, “Managing the Customer Lifecycle,” focuses on building lasting brand loyalty in the gaming industry. While bonuses, promotions, and campaigns are effective in attracting players, fostering long-term loyalty requires a deeper understanding of customer preferences and needs. Alexis Wicen will discuss how Unibo leverages dynamic segmentation to identify player profiles and deliver personalized gaming experiences.

Through Unibo’s suite, gaming operators can tailor offers and rewards based on players’ preferences, playing habits, and VIP levels. Alexis will delve into the role of technology in managing the customer lifecycle, ensuring that players remain engaged and loyal to the platform over time.

Unlocking New Opportunities in the Greek Gaming Market

Apart from Alexis Wicen’s insightful contributions, GAME 2023 offers attendees a comprehensive platform to explore new opportunities in the Greek gaming market. Expert speakers, thought leaders, and industry specialists will share their knowledge on game-changing technological innovations, investment opportunities, and regulatory insights.

This event is not only a meeting ground for gaming sector operators, software providers, and affiliates but also for professionals from various disciplines, such as SEO specialists, fraud and AML experts, lawyers, regulators, legislators, government officials, and iGaming innovators. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to connect with valuable business partners and gain a competitive edge in the gaming industry.

Join Unibo and Alexis Wicen at GAME 2023

The 3rd Annual GAME promises to be a gathering of minds, ideas, and innovations, making it a must-attend event for gaming professionals and enthusiasts alike. Alexis Wicen’s expertise and Unibo’s gamification suite will undoubtedly enrich discussions on marketing strategies and customer engagement.

Be part of this extraordinary event and explore the future of the gaming industry with thought leaders and pioneers. Join Unibo and Alexis Wicen in Athens from 19th to 20th October 2023 to uncover new possibilities in the Greek gaming market and unlock the potential of customer engagement in the gaming industry.

Make your mark in the world of gaming and embrace the spirit of innovation at GAME 2023. See you in Athens!





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