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Unibo Gears Up for iGaming Germany 2024 in Munich

This June, Unibo is poised to make a significant impact at iGaming Germany 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the European gaming calendar. Set in the bustling city of Munich on the 5th and 6th of June, this conference is designed to spotlight the latest innovations and regulatory trends shaping the future of iGaming in Germany and beyond.

A Premier Gathering for Gaming Innovators

iGaming Germany 2024 promises to be a cornerstone event, bringing together C-suite leaders from across the industry to engage in two days packed with insightful discussions and networking opportunities. Germany, known for its robust online gaming market and technological advancements, offers fertile ground for Unibo to showcase our pioneering solutions that enhance player retention and engagement.

As a leader in the iGaming software development space, Unibo is uniquely positioned to contribute to conversations about the future of online gaming in Germany. The summit will cover critical areas including regulatory challenges, compliance, player protection, and the evolving landscape of game development.

Unibo’s Spotlight Panel: From Theory to Practice

One of the highlights of our participation will be the panel moderated by our CEO, Alexis Wicen, titled “From Theory to Practice: Implementing Behavioural Science and Psychology for Player Retention.” This panel will delve into the practical applications of behavioral sciences in the gaming industry, a topic that resonates deeply with Unibo’s mission to create user-centric gaming experiences.

Panel Introduction and Expectations

The panel boasts a lineup of distinguished experts who will share their insights and experiences:

  • Filip Janczak, Co-Founder and Director of Creatos Media, known for his innovative approaches to digital marketing and player engagement.
  • Mark Dieckmann, CEO of WINFELLAS Ltd., brings a wealth of knowledge in creating engaging gaming platforms that prioritize user experience.
  • Ninia Chkheidze, COO of Crosscreators, whose expertise in operational strategies will shed light on integrating psychological insights into business practices.

During this session, Alexis will guide the discussion to explore how integrating psychological principles and behavioral science can transform player interactions into more engaging and rewarding experiences. The conversation will focus on practical strategies for applying these insights to enhance loyalty and retention in a highly competitive market.

What to Expect at iGaming Germany 2024

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into how leading companies like Unibo leverage cutting-edge technologies and psychological insights to stay ahead in the market. The event will provide an excellent opportunity for networking with industry leaders, discovering new trends, and understanding the regulatory landscape that impacts the iGaming business in Germany and Europe.

Unibo is particularly excited about the opportunity to interact with peers, explore potential collaborations, and share our insights on game development and player engagement strategies that have shown substantial success in other markets.

Join Us in Munich

As we prepare to participate in iGaming Germany 2024, we extend an invitation to our partners, clients, and all industry stakeholders to join us at this influential event. It is an unmissable opportunity for anyone involved in the iGaming industry to connect with the best in the business and gain insights that could shape their strategies for years to come.

In conclusion, iGaming Germany 2024 is not just another industry event; it’s a pivotal platform for shaping the future of iGaming. With our CEO Alexis Wicen moderating a key panel, Unibo is ready to contribute to and lead discussions that will help define the next steps for our industry. We look forward to seeing you in Munich for this exciting event!





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