Unibo 2024 conference circuit

Unibo H1 2024 Conference Circuit: See you on the Road!

The first half of 2024 is set to be an exhilarating time for Unibo as we gear up to participate in a series of prestigious iGaming conferences across Europe. From the bustling halls of ICE London to the innovative atmosphere of iGB Live in Amsterdam, each conference presents a unique opportunity for us to nurture our existing partnerships and forge new alliances in the iGaming industry.

1. ICE London by Clarion Events – February

Our journey begins in February at ICE London, a cornerstone event in the global gaming calendar. Here, we aim to showcase our latest advancements in player retention products, emphasizing our commitment to delivering unparalleled excitement and engagement for players. We’re eager to connect with industry leaders and peers, sharing insights and exploring new opportunities in a dynamic setting.

2. EGR Nordics Briefing by EGR Global – February

Also in February, the EGR Nordics Briefing provides a more focused arena to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities within the Nordic iGaming market. Our participation here is vital in understanding regional nuances and tailoring our offerings to meet these specific market demands.

3. Gaming and Tech Summit by Hipther in Prague – March

March takes us to the historic city of Prague for the Gaming and Tech Summit by Hipther. This event is a melting pot of technology and gaming expertise, and we’re excited to dive deep into discussions about the intersection of these two realms, demonstrating how Unibo’s technology stands at the forefront of iGaming innovation.

4. Online Casino Summit Italia by Eventus International in Rome – May

The beautiful city of Rome hosts the Online Casino Summit Italia in May. Here, we plan to engage with key players in the Italian market, showcasing our game-agnostic platform’s versatility and how it seamlessly integrates with a multitude of games and providers.

5. iGaming Next by NEXT.io and CasinoBeats Summit by SBC in Malta – May

May is a busy month with two back-to-back events in Malta: iGaming Next and CasinoBeats. These events are perfect for networking with a diverse international crowd, sharing our experiences in player engagement, and learning from others. Malta, with its vibrant iGaming community, is the ideal backdrop for discussing the future of online gaming.

6. Mare Balticum by Hipther in Tallinn and iGaming Germany by Eventus International in Munich – June

June sees us in Tallinn for Mare Balticum, followed by Munich for iGaming Germany. These conferences allow us to connect with Eastern European and German markets, respectively. Our aim here is to understand regional preferences and showcase our adaptable, agile solutions that cater to a diverse player base.

7. iGB Live by Clarion Events in Amsterdam – July

Our mid-year crescendo is iGB Live in Amsterdam, a premier event that brings together the best in the iGaming business. This event provides an excellent platform for Unibo to demonstrate how our unique retention tools can revolutionize player engagement, backed by our team’s extensive operational and commercial experience in online casinos.


As we embark on this exciting journey through these major iGaming events, our goal is clear: to reinforce Unibo’s position as a leader in innovative, user-friendly retention solutions for the iGaming industry. By fostering existing relationships and establishing new ones, we’re not just participating in these events; we’re shaping the future of online gaming.

Join us on this adventure and witness how Unibo is setting new benchmarks in iGaming excellence.





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