Unibo integrates with Fast Track Solutions

Unibo integrates with Fast Track Solutions!

Unibo has recently completed its integration with Fast Track Solutions, joining their esteemed Alliance partner program. As a result, Unibo’s gamification solutions can now be effortlessly integrated with online casinos utilizing the Fast Track CRM system. This partnership demonstrates a commitment to creating engaging gaming experiences for players worldwide.

The Alliance partner program is a significant initiative by Fast Track Solutions. It brings together companies that provide innovative solutions in the iGaming industry. Consequently, Unibo’s inclusion in the program showcases its expertise in gamification. It also showcases its ability to enhance user engagement across various platforms.

Unibo’s gamification tools, such as online casino missions, and tournaments, are designed to create immersive and interactive gaming experiences. By joining the Alliance partner program, Unibo can extend these capabilities to a broader range of online casinos through the Fast Track CRM system. This, in turn, helps casinos improve player retention and satisfaction.

Fast Track Integration is a Win-Win Partnership

Furthermore, the integration with Fast Track Solutions simplifies the process of implementing Unibo’s gamification features. Online casinos can now access these tools through the Fast Track CRM system, streamlining the integration process and reducing the time it takes to launch these new features.

Dan M. Head of Commercial at Fast Track had this to say about the new Alliance partner:

“We have a shared vision of creating a better player experience while reducing the manual work and technical burden normally associated with new engagement initiatives. We are happy to have completed our integration with Unibo and can now offer this unique solution to our partner operators.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Unibo and Fast Track Solutions is a win-win situation for both parties. Unibo can expand its reach and make its gamification tools available to more online casinos. At the same time, Fast Track Solutions strengthens its Alliance partner program with the addition of Unibo’s expertise.

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this one between Unibo and Fast Track Solutions are pivotal in driving innovation and enhancing player experiences. With Unibo’s gamification technology now available to online casinos through the Fast Track CRM system, the future looks promising for both companies and their customers.






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