Unibo races

We are thrilled to introduce our latest promotional feature, “Unibo Races”. Similar to tournaments, Races offer a unique twist by limiting each player to a certain number of spins. This ensures equal winning opportunities and preventing outcomes determined solely by playing duration.

In a Unibo Race, players are assigned a specific number of spins to accomplish tasks such as hitting a particular symbol combination or reaching a game level. The player who completes these tasks using the fewest spins emerges victorious. This approach establishes a level playing field, as all participants have the same number of spins to finish their tasks. Moreover, Races are an excellent way to generate excitement and motivate players to continue playing.

One of the standout features of Unibo Races is its adaptability. You can tailor your Races to suit each of your online casino’s specific requirements. Operators, such as Winning.io and Scatters, can determine the number of spins, tasks, and prize pool. Thus offering a unique way to differentiate from competitors and create excitement for players. With its customizable and user-friendly design, Unibo Races are bound to be a hit among both online casinos and players.

By incorporating Races into our gamification solutions, we provide our partners with the tools to create engaging and rewarding experiences that keep players returning for more. As a result, our case studies show that partners who utilize the full range of Unibo promotional tools see the highest level of engagement.

If you’re seeking innovative methods to attract new players and maintain the interest of existing ones, look no further. Unibo’s gamification solutions are the perfect match for your online casino. As a result, we invite you to explore Unibo’s gamification features. Simply reach out using our contact form, and our team of experts will be happy and delighted to demonstrate Unibo’s full functionality to you and your team!





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