Unibo retention product case study

The Power of Unibo Retention Product: A Case Study on Elevating Casino Engagement in Japan

The online gaming world is saturated, and standing out requires more than just offering a variety of games. Engagement, player retention, and maximizing revenue have become integral to maintaining a successful online casino. Enter the Unibo retention product – a game-changer in the realm of player engagement.

One of the Unibo clients, referred to here as “Casino A” with a primary focus on the Japanese market, decided to evaluate the potency of this tool. The results? Nothing short of impressive. Let’s dive deep into the week-on-week statistics that highlight the effectiveness of the Unibo retention product.

Instant Boost during the Campaign

The mere introduction of a Unibo tournament campaign in Casino A saw remarkable growth in engagement metrics. Within a week:

  • Gross Gaming Revenue – There was an astonishing 38% increase. It’s worth noting that such a significant boost in revenue in a short span is rare without substantial marketing expenditure.
  • Turnover – An even more impressive rise was witnessed here. With an almost tri-fold increase, the turnover shot up by 195%. This is indicative of heightened player activity and engagement.

This immediate response indicates not just the effectiveness of the campaign but also the potential of the Unibo retention tool in engaging players in the short term.

Post-Campaign Sustainability

For many campaigns, a significant issue is the drop-off rate post-campaign. But with the Unibo retention tool, the story was different for Casino A. The week after the campaign showcased:

  • Gross Gaming Revenue – A sustaining increase of 19% compared to the campaign week, suggesting that the tool doesn’t just provide a short-term boost, but also ensures players stay engaged and keep coming back to your casino.
  • Turnover – A 51% increase compared to the previous week, which implies that not only were the players staying, but they were also actively participating more than before.

Comparing Engaged vs. Non-engaged Players

To further elucidate the power of the Unibo Retention Product, it’s important to compare the active players versus those engaged via Unibo. Here’s what the comparison for Casino A revealed:

  • Gross Gaming Revenue – Unibo participants accounted for a substantial 20% of the revenues. This indicates the high value of players engaged through Unibo.
  • Turnover Difference – In a striking revelation, Unibo participants had, on average, a 235% higher turnover than non-participants. A clear testament to the elevated activity levels of Unibo-engaged players.

Conclusion: The Unibo Retention Product’s Edge

The world of online casinos is rife with challenges, especially when it comes to retaining players and ensuring consistent revenue streams. The Unibo retention tool, as evidenced by Casino A’s case study, offers a potent solution. It not only elevates player engagement almost instantaneously but also ensures the momentum is sustained post-campaign.

Casino A, with its primary focus on the Japanese market, has successfully demonstrated that integrating tools like Unibo can redefine player engagement, leading to substantial revenue gains.

For casinos looking to revamp their engagement strategies and maximize their returns, the Unibo retention tool emerges as a powerful ally. As the digital gaming sphere continues to evolve, tools like Unibo that offer tangible, immediate, and sustainable results will become indispensable.

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