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Unibo Shortlisted for SiGMA Europe Awards: Elevating the iGaming Industry With Unrivaled USPs

We’re thrilled to announce that Unibo has been shortlisted for the prestigious SiGMA Europe Awards, set to take place on 13th and 14th November 2023 at the Hilton Malta Resort. A celebration of the crests and troughs that make the Gaming industry an endless sea of innovation, the event is a must-attend for every stakeholder who dreams big and delivers bigger. This is akin to the Super Bowl for us in the iGaming world—everyone brings their A-game.

Recognition in “Best Unique Selling Point 2023”

This year, Unibo is competing in the category of “Best Unique Selling Point 2023,” alongside other prominent names like EEZE, Affilka by SOFTSWISS, DS Virtual gaming, and Bragg Gaming.

Being shortlisted in this category is a testament to how Unibo’s cutting-edge solutions are shaping the iGaming industry. When it comes to player retention, engagement, and overall satisfaction, think of us as the Tom Brady of iGaming—consistent, innovative, and dependable.

What Sets Unibo Apart?

  1. Agility Across Platforms: Our product is supplier, game, and platform agnostic. This empowers operators to run casino campaigns across any combination of games, making it a golden ticket for CRM and Casino teams.
  2. In-game Front-End Solutions: Direct, real-time feedback to players enhances engagement, mimicking the excitement of a last-minute touchdown.
  3. Singular Back Office: Easily manage all functionalities in one proprietary back office that offers alerts, notifications, and real-time statistics.
  4. Campaign Variety: From Missions and Tournaments to Jackpots and Races, our range of campaign types ensures that the thrill of the chase never dulls.

Unibo’s Psychological Edge

What drives a player to return to the digital felt time and again? The same psychological factors that make sports so compelling—thrill, competition, and reward. At Unibo, we’ve harnessed this to create an engaging experience that boosts core metrics such as turnover and repeat visits.

For example, our in-game missions tap into the human need for achievement. Imagine completing a game-winning drive in the 4th quarter; that’s the feeling our missions evoke. Likewise, our real-time statistics and notifications are the digital equivalent of a scoreboard, keeping players invested and informed.

Check out our Case Studies to see how we’ve been able to increase engagement and retention for online casinos.

A Night to Remember

Beyond the accolades, the SiGMA Europe Awards offers premier networking opportunities for industry insiders. It also features an art auction, where proceeds go to the SiGMA Foundation for various charitable projects. After all, success is even sweeter when shared.

A Spotlight on the iGaming Industry

While our shortlisting at the SiGMA Europe Awards is a momentous occasion for Unibo, it also shines a spotlight on the iGaming industry as a whole. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, innovation in one area often sparks advancements in others. It’s no longer just about slots or live casinos; it’s about creating an ecosystem that drives mutual growth and opportunity for all.

Discover our Partners and how Unibo can integrate seamlessly with a variety of platforms and game providers.

Final Thoughts

With the SiGMA Europe Awards fast approaching, the excitement in the air is palpable, and why not? It’s the one night where the iGaming industry steps out of the virtual world to celebrate its very real achievements.

Unibo is both honored and excited to be recognized in the category of “Best Unique Selling Point 2023” at the SiGMA Europe Awards. This is more than just an award; it’s a validation of our commitment to innovation, engagement, and most importantly, our customers.

Contact us to find out how Unibo can elevate your iGaming business to unparalleled heights.

Catch us at the Hilton Malta Resort this November, where the iGaming industry converges to celebrate excellence. Until then, stay tuned and keep playing!





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