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Unibo Clinches the “Best Emerging iGaming Company 2023” at EiGE Awards


In a remarkable triumph that echoes the ‘Miracle on Ice’ of the 1980 Winter Olympics, Unibo was named the “Best Emerging iGaming Company of 2023” at the European iGaming Excellence Awards (EiGE Awards 2023). This accolade was presented during the European Gaming Congress in Warsaw, an industry-renowned event making its much-anticipated return after a three-year hiatus. Just like a rookie sports team surprising everyone by winning a championship, this milestone confirms Unibo’s position as a game-changer in iGaming, particularly in the area of player retention.

The European iGaming Excellence Awards (EiGE Awards)

A hallmark of quality and innovation, the EiGE Awards are the epitome of prestige within the European online gambling industry. Hosted for the first time at the European Gaming Congress, these awards recognize those who have contributed significantly to the European iGaming landscape, from operators to suppliers, testing labs, and payment providers.

Why This Award is a Big Deal

The EiGE Awards offer a unique platform that fosters community while setting the bar high for excellence and innovation. In a marketplace saturated with service providers, Unibo stands out like Michael Jordan in a high-school basketball game. The product’s innovative features, such as Missions, Tournaments, and real-time statistics, contribute to an unparalleled player engagement level.

European Gaming Congress: The Setting

Coming back after three years, the European Gaming Congress was nothing short of spectacular. The event aims to bring together professionals from multiple sectors including iGaming, eSports, Blockchain, and Fintech, to name a few. Like the World Cup bringing together the best in football, this Congress serves as the epitome of collaborative opportunities, idea exchange, and future planning.

The Intersection of iGaming and Technology

The European Gaming Congress also emphasized how artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the iGaming industry. Unibo’s agnostic approach to suppliers, games, and platforms makes it a versatile tool that can integrate seamlessly with these emerging technologies. This ensures that Unibo can adapt to future market trends, much like how a versatile midfielder adapts to different play styles in soccer.

Unibo’s Unique Selling Proposition

What makes Unibo stand out in a crowded field? Well, imagine if a quarterback could not just throw and run but also play defense at a pro-level. That’s Unibo for you. Its proprietary back office allows casino and CRM teams to manage alerts, notifications, and set up campaigns in a unified platform. From Races to Prize drops, the range of campaign types ensures a tailored experience for players, increasing not just retention but also overall player satisfaction.

How Unibo Maximizes Player Retention

Drawing from deep insights into player psychology, Unibo’s features are engineered to keep players hooked. Much like how die-hard sports fans wouldn’t dream of missing their favorite team’s game, Unibo’s system is designed to keep players coming back. Features like Missions and Tournaments tap into the competitive nature of players, encouraging engagement, turnover, and repeat visits.


Unibo’s win at the EiGE Awards 2023 serves as an affirmation of its commitment to innovation and quality. As we move forward in an ever-competitive industry, this accolade only strengthens Unibo’s resolve to continue revolutionizing player retention strategies in iGaming. It’s like hitting a grand slam in the World Series; not just a win, but a resounding statement of excellence.

For those interested in the cutting-edge solutions for player retention, get in touch with Unibo today. Your players will thank you, and so will your bottom line.





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