Badass : Making Users Awesome

Unibook Club Review: Insights of “Badass: Making Users Awesome”

Welcome to the Unibook Club, where our passion for knowledge and growth brings us together to explore the latest and most thought-provoking books. In our most recent gathering, we embarked on an illuminating journey through the pages of “Badass: Making Users Awesome” authored by Kathy Sierra.

The Unibook Club Experience

At Unibo, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development is at the core of our values. The Unibook Club is a testament to this commitment, providing a platform for our team to come together, share insights, and discuss literary works that hold valuable lessons for our industry and beyond.

The recent Unibook Club meeting focused on “Badass: Making Users Awesome,” a book that transcends the traditional approach to user experience and customer success. Authored by Kathy Sierra, an acclaimed tech writer and instructional designer, the book challenges the status quo and sets a new standard for creating awe-inspiring user experiences.

Unraveling “Badass: Making Users Awesome”

The central theme of the book revolves around putting users at the heart of everything a SaaS company like Unibo does. Sierra introduces the concept of turning users into “badasses,” empowered individuals who not only use a product but excel at it.

Key Concepts from the Book:

  1. User Empowerment: Sierra advocates for empowering users with the skills and confidence they need to excel within a platform. It’s not just about providing features; it’s about nurturing user expertise and unleashing their potential.
  2. Experiential User Journeys: “Badass” emphasizes the importance of creating exceptional user journeys. By focusing on the entire experience, from onboarding to mastering advanced features, SaaS companies can cultivate a loyal user base.
  3. Customer Success at the Core: Customer success is a driving force throughout the book. When users achieve their goals and experience true success, they become the most potent marketing tool a company can have.
  4. Fostering User Loyalty: By investing in users’ growth and success, SaaS companies like Unibo can foster unwavering user loyalty. Loyal users not only stay with a platform but also advocate for it, leading to organic growth.

Why “Badass: Making Users Awesome” Matters for Unibo

As Unibo’s content manager, I can confidently say that “Badass: Making Users Awesome” aligns seamlessly with our core values and mission. By adopting the principles from this book, Unibo can:

1. Create Experiences that Delight: Understanding the user journey and crafting experiences that truly delight users is essential for long-term success. This book inspires us to go beyond the ordinary and build remarkable experiences for our customers.

2. Drive User-Centric Innovation: By placing users at the center of product development, Unibo can continuously innovate based on real user needs and aspirations. This ensures that our offerings align with what our customers truly desire.

3. Build Lasting Customer Relationships: Investing in our customers’ success and growth helps foster genuine relationships built on trust and loyalty. Such relationships create a strong foundation for sustainable business growth.


The Unibook Club’s exploration of “Badass: Making Users Awesome” was a transformative experience that reaffirmed our commitment to user-centric strategies. Kathy Sierra’s insights challenge SaaS companies like Unibo to elevate the customer experience, empower users, and create exceptional journeys. As we apply the key concepts from “Badass” to our everyday practices, we look forward to embarking on new heights of success, driven by the satisfaction and empowerment of our customers.

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