iGaming Future Interview on Online Casino Engagement

Unibo’s CEO Alexis Wicén on iGaming Future

Unibo’s CEO, Alexis Wicén, recently sat down with iGaming Future to discuss the evolving landscape of the online casino market. The conversation was insightful, engaging, and revealed Alexis’s innovative approach to player engagement and retention. Alexis expressed his enjoyment of the interview, appreciating the opportunity to share his thoughts and ideas with a wider audience.

The online casino market has grown exponentially, becoming highly competitive. Alexis believes that the traditional reliance on monetary rewards and bonuses to retain players is not the most effective strategy. Instead, he proposes a more cost-effective approach: gamification and a Unified Back-Office.

Alexis explained that gamification involves integrating game elements into existing structures to boost participation, engagement, and loyalty. These elements can range from narratives and competitions to randomness and achievements. Alexis suggested that gamifying the player journey, such as deposits, registration, and even responsible play, can enhance player engagement.

The interview also touched on the challenge of standing out in a crowded market. Alexis pointed out that many iGaming sites focus on acquisition through large welcome offers. However, these offers often go unused, and those who do use them tend to jump from operator to operator. Alexis advocates for a shift from “deposit and get” or “lose and get” promotions to gamified promotions that focus on positive player experiences.

Alexis also addressed the issue of bonus spend. He noted that large bonuses can consume a significant portion of a promotional budget and suggested that offering smaller rewards more frequently can lead to more engaged players. He proposed using missions and prize drops to distribute smaller rewards during gameplay.

The concept of a ‘Unified Back-Office’ was another key topic. Alexis explained that the Unibo tool allows CRM teams to streamline their work processes by consolidating all promotional tools in one easy-to-use place. This enables teams to set up their monthly campaigns more efficiently and promote any or all of their game provider’s games.

Alexis’s innovative approach to player engagement and retention was well received by the interviewer. The conversation highlighted the need for a shift from traditional, monetary-based incentives to more sustainable strategies like gamification. Alexis’s enthusiasm for these new approaches was evident throughout the interview, and his ideas are likely to influence the future direction of the iGaming industry.

In conclusion, Alexis Wicén’s interview with iGaming Future was a valuable opportunity for him to share his innovative ideas and vision for the future of the iGaming industry. His enjoyment of the interview process was evident, and his insights are sure to spark further discussion and innovation in the sector.





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