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Welcome to the Unibo tutorial on setting up a Highest Win Tournament in our powerful backoffice. In this video, our Business Development Manager, Hannes Gerdin, will guide you through the six easy steps involved in creating an engaging and rewarding tournament for your players. Watch as Hannes demonstrates how simple and efficient it is to set up a Highest Win Tournament using Unibo’s intuitive platform.

Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament: Engaging Promotions and Rewards for Players

In the highly competitive world of online gaming, offering engaging promotions and rewarding experiences to players is essential for driving player engagement and loyalty. Unibo understands this need and has developed the Highest Win Tournament feature within its comprehensive platform. This feature enables online gaming operators to effortlessly set up tournaments that captivate players and offer enticing rewards. In this article, we will explore the details of how the Unibo Highest Win Tournament setup works and why it is a game-changer for operators seeking to elevate player engagement.

The Six Steps of Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament Setup

Setting up a Highest Win Tournament in the Unibo backoffice is a streamlined and intuitive process. The six steps involved ensure that operators can create exciting tournaments quickly and efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at each step:

Step 1: Title and Date

In this initial step, operators determine the internal name of the campaign and specify the start and end time. Additionally, operators have the option to set the campaign as recurring. This flexibility allows operators to plan and schedule tournaments according to their specific preferences and promotional strategies.

Step 2: Tournament Settings

Under Step 2, operators select the type of tournament they want to set up, such as the Highest Single Win tournament. This particular setting calculates the win amount divided by the bet amount to determine the highest win. Operators also define the payout structure for the tournament, specifying the number of positions that will receive prizes and the nature of those prizes. Prizes available to players can include cash, bonus money, free spins, and catalog items like iPhones or trips. Operators can customize the minimum bet requirement and choose the specific slots or games to be included in the tournament, tailoring the experience to their target audience.

Step 3: Segmentation

Step 3 focuses on segmentation, allowing operators to define the eligible players for the tournament. Only players who meet the specified criteria will be able to see the tournament when they open a game on the operator’s site. This targeted approach ensures that promotions and tournaments are displayed exclusively to the intended audience, maximizing their relevance and impact.

Step 4: Terms and Conditions

In Step 4, operators review and verify the automatically generated terms and conditions for the tournament. These terms and conditions are translated into the languages available on the operator’s site, making them easily accessible and understandable for players. Operators can ensure that the terms and conditions align with their promotional goals and comply with regulatory requirements.

Step 5: Adding Campaign Content

Step 5 allows operators to add specific content to the tournament campaign. Operators can set the name of the campaign as it will be seen by the players, creating a captivating and enticing title. Additionally, operators can select overlay background images for desktop and mobile platforms to enhance the visual appeal of the campaign. The campaign image itself is another customizable aspect, offering operators the flexibility to use different images based on language preferences or maintain a consistent image across all languages. This customization ensures that the campaign resonates with players, making it visually appealing and captivating.

Step 6: Overview

The final step, Step 6, provides an overview of the complete tournament setup. Operators have the opportunity to review all the details and settings before pushing the campaign live. This overview serves as a final checkpoint, allowing operators to double-check the setup and ensure its accuracy before players engage with the tournament.

The Benefits of Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament Setup

Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament setup offers numerous advantages for online gaming operators seeking to offer engaging promotions and rewarding experiences to their players:

  1. Simplified Setup: The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the Unibo backoffice makes setting up a Highest Win Tournament effortless. Operators can swiftly navigate through the six steps and configure the tournament settings according to their requirements, saving time and resources.
  2. Engaging Player Experience: The Highest Win Tournament concept creates excitement and competition among players. By focusing on the highest win achieved relative to the bet amount, operators encourage players to aim for significant victories and elevate their gaming experience.
  3. Flexible Payout Structure: Operators have full control over the tournament’s payout structure. They can determine the number of prize positions and select the types of prizes offered, including cash, bonus money, free spins, or catalog items. This flexibility allows operators to align the rewards with their players’ preferences and deliver enticing incentives.
  4. Targeted Audience: Through segmentation capabilities, operators ensure that only eligible players can see and participate in the tournament. This targeted approach maximizes the tournament’s impact and relevance, enhancing player engagement and satisfaction.
  5. Customizable Visuals: The ability to add specific campaign content, including the campaign name and visual elements, enables operators to create visually appealing promotions that resonate with players. This customization enhances the overall experience and captures players’ attention.

Elevate Player Engagement with Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament

Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament feature empowers online gaming operators to offer captivating promotions and rewarding experiences to their players. With its streamlined setup process and customizable features, operators can create engaging tournaments tailored to their target audience. By captivating players’ attention, encouraging competition, and providing enticing rewards, operators can elevate player engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Unlock the potential of Unibo’s Highest Win Tournament and create memorable gaming experiences for your players.





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