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Unibo’s Integration: Revolutionizing iGaming with Minimal Effort
In the dynamic world of iGaming, integrating promotional tools often becomes a daunting task, marked by prolonged timelines and intricate technical requirements. Enter Unibo, a beacon of simplicity and efficiency in the realm of gamification suites.

Meta Data: The Foundation
At the heart of Unibo’s integration lies the Meta Data channel. It primarily requires game and player data, forming the bedrock for setting up campaigns. With a focus on compliance, Unibo ensures that all stored information contains no personal information such as emails, phone numbers, address, and is strictly used for player segmentation, ensuring privacy and precision.

Event Feed: Real-time Engagement
The Event Feed is where the action truly unfolds. From bets and wins to withdrawals and deposits, this channel consumes real-time events from the platform, enhancing campaign progression. The beauty lies in its simplicity. Platforms only need to ensure a complete feed, and Unibo takes care of the rest, ensuring timely and accurate data processing.

Rewards API: Instant Gratification
Rewarding players has never been this effortless. The Rewards API is designed to dispatch a variety of payouts, be it Cash, Bonus Money, Deposit Bonus, or Free Spins. Unibo’s adaptability shines here, as we mold our system to fit the platform’s reward structure, ensuring players receive their due without a hitch.

Game Companion/Overlay: Enhancing Player Experience
The final piece of the puzzle is the Game Companion/Overlay. It’s not just about playing; it’s about experiencing. This channel allows players to track their progress, immersing them deeper into the gaming world. A simple script, a few cookies, and voila – players are presented with a real-time tracker, elevating their gaming journey.

What truly sets Unibo apart is our adaptability. Unlike competitors who demand platforms to mold according to their specifications, Unibo molds to fit yours. It’s the epitome of plug-and-play in the iGaming world. At Unibo, we handle the intricacies, ensuring that players get an unparalleled gaming experience.

In the competitive landscape of iGaming, where time is a precious commodity, Unibo emerges as the go-to solution. Our streamlined process ensures that tech teams are convinced of its simplicity, ensuring rapid integration and launch.

Unibo Gamification Suite isn’t just another gamification tool. It’s a revolution in iGaming integration, ensuring that online casinos can offer their players the best, without the traditional hassles. Choose Unibo, where we simplify so that your players can amplify their gaming experience.





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