Casinobeats Summit recap

Unibo’s Insightful Participation at CasinoBeats Summit 2023 in Malta

Last week, Unibo made a significant mark at the CasinoBeats Summit in Malta, showcasing our commitment to pioneering in the iGaming industry. Our CEO, Alexis Wicen, joined a distinguished panel to discuss one of the most pressing topics in today’s gaming world: “Loyalty or Personalisation? The Key to Customer Retention.” This panel, held on May 22nd, provided profound insights into how AI and personalized gaming are reshaping player engagement and retention strategies.

A Deep Dive into Loyalty and Personalisation

The panel, moderated by Gali Hartuv, CEO of WarriorLab, featured a lineup of industry innovators, including Iva Tomova from PressEnter Group, Maxim Verplanken from Happening, and Dmitry Belianin from Together with Alexis, they explored the evolving dynamics of customer retention strategies in the iGaming sector, focusing on the impact of AI-driven technologies.

The Balancing Act: Personalisation vs. Fairness

One of the first questions tackled by the panel was how online casinos can maintain a balance between personalized experiences and fairness. Alexis highlighted that with Unibo’s technology, casinos can leverage data to provide tailored experiences without compromising on transparency. He explained, “Our AI-driven systems are designed to ensure that while personalisation enhances the user experience, it does not infringe upon fairness or the integrity of the game.”

The Evolution of Loyalty Programs

Discussing the future of loyalty programs in the age of AI, the panelists agreed that traditional loyalty systems need to evolve to stay relevant. Alexis shared insights on how Unibo integrates AI to evolve these programs, stating, “We are transforming loyalty programs into dynamic systems that respond in real-time to the player’s preferences and activities, thus fostering a deeper engagement.”

Enhancing Player Experience with AI-driven Development

The conversation then shifted to AI-driven game development and its implications for player experience. The panelists debated how such innovations could either enhance or potentially detract from the gaming experience. Alexis argued for a balanced approach, emphasizing, “While AI can greatly enhance game development by creating more engaging and responsive games, it is crucial to keep the player’s experience at the core of all innovations.”

Navigating Privacy Concerns

As the discussion delved into privacy concerns related to AI and data collection, Alexis reassured the audience about Unibo’s commitment to data protection. “We prioritize our players’ privacy. Our AI systems are designed to enhance player experience without compromising their personal data,” he explained, addressing the increasing scrutiny around data usage in AI applications.

The Role of Regulation

Finally, the panel addressed the regulatory landscape surrounding AI technologies in iGaming. Alexis highlighted the importance of proactive engagement with regulators to ensure that innovations like AI remain within the bounds of responsible gaming practices and data protection laws.

Unibo’s Continued Leadership at CasinoBeats Summit

The panel provided valuable insights into the future of customer retention, with Unibo at the forefront of these discussions. Our participation not only underscored our leadership in integrating AI into gaming but also our dedication to enhancing player experience responsibly and innovatively.

Beyond the panel, the CasinoBeats Summit offered Unibo numerous opportunities to engage with other industry leaders, share knowledge, and explore collaborations. The event’s workshops, roundtables, and networking sessions were instrumental in deepening our understanding of emerging trends and the global market landscape.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on the summit, it is clear that the future of iGaming lies in the balance between innovation and player-centric strategies. Unibo remains committed to leading this charge, equipped with our advanced AI technologies and a deep understanding of the gaming industry. As we continue to innovate and adapt, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing player satisfaction and loyalty through personalisation and responsible gaming.

In conclusion, the CasinoBeats Summit was not just an event to share ideas but a beacon for setting the future directions of the iGaming industry. Unibo is proud to have been a part of these critical discussions, and we look forward to continuing to drive the industry forward with our groundbreaking solutions.





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