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A Comprehensive Guide on how to Integrate Unibo: A New Video Explainer


Unibo, a leading innovator in the iGaming industry, has recently released a comprehensive video guide detailing its robust platform integration process. This step-by-step explainer video is designed to provide clients and partners with an in-depth understanding of how Unibo seamlessly integrates its cutting-edge gaming solutions into various platforms.

Unibo’s Integration Process: A Three-Phase Approach

The integration process at Unibo is meticulously structured into four key phases:

  1. The Kickoff Meeting: This initial meeting sets the tone for the entire integration process. It involves identifying potential gaps and required changes, establishing a responsibility matrix, and scheduling regular check-ins to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. The Weekly Checkin Meetings: We meet on regular basis, preferably every week to go over what has been done and what is still pending. We do this to make sure the onboarding goes well, identify any issues and mitigate any delays.
  3. The Take Off Meeting: During the take off meeting, we go over that everything has been QA’d and working smoothly. We dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s!

Unibo requirements for a successful integration

  1. Meta Data: Unibo emphasizes the importance of meta data in the process to integrate Unibo Retention product. This includes comprehensive data about players (excluding Personal Identifiable Information), game details, and other relevant information that enhances the gaming experience.
  2. Overlay: The Unibo overlay is themed per brand and involves Javascript integration into game play pages for both desktop and mobile platforms. This is normally handled in less than a day by a frontend developer. It uses cookies to personalize player experiences based on various parameters like player ID, game ID, language, and registration date.
  3. Rewards:A critical component of Unibo’s platform is its ability to handle various reward types (like free spins, bonus money, cash without wagering, etc.). The Unibo integration team will use your platform’s rewards API and make sure that all reward types available to be given out by your platform, can be chosen in the Unibo backoffice when creating events.
  4. Events: Lastly, Unibo needs to receive a real time feed of events such as Bets, Wins, Deposits and Withdrawals. Our consumer handles the consumption of this data received from your platform service.


The process to integrate Unibo is encapsulated in the acronym M.O.R.E – Meta Data, Overlay, Rewards, and Events. This framework illustrates Unibo’s comprehensive approach to delivering an engaging and seamless gaming experience.

Client Area and Additional Resources

For those seeking more detailed information on how to integrate Unibo, we provide extensive documentation online. These resources are designed to assist clients and partners in understanding and utilizing the full potential of Unibo’s platform. You can find these on our knowledge base as well as our consumer information site.


The new video guide on platform integration is a testament to Unibo’s commitment to transparency and support for its clients. By outlining the integration process clearly, we demonstrates our role as a pioneer in the iGaming industry, dedicated to delivering innovative and player-centric gaming solutions.





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