Comparing Casino Gamification Platforms

Casino Gamification Platforms: Unibo vs The Competition

The online casino landscape is undergoing a radical transformation, driven in part by the advent of gamification platforms. For players, it’s no longer just about the spin of the roulette wheel or the flip of a card; they want an immersive, engaging, and, above all, rewarding experience. But how do casino operators choose the right gamification platform? In this article, we’ll compare Unibo with four of its competitors: Captain Up, CompetitionLabs, Ziqni, and Gamanza Engage.

Time to Market: Unibo Takes the Pole Position

When it comes to implementing a gamification solution, time is of the essence. In this regard, Unibo pulls ahead of the pack, offering an agile and streamlined approach that can be deployed rapidly. With the Unibo proprietary back office, operators can manage campaigns efficiently and receive real-time statistics. On the other hand, platforms like CompetitionLabs and Captain Up require more complex integration processes, delaying your time to market.

Customer Success Management: Experience Matters

What sets Unibo apart from other casino gamification platforms is the extensive operational and commercial experience it brings to the table. With over 50 years of combined experience in running online casinos, the team understands the intricacies of player behavior and engagement. Unibo doesn’t just provide a casino gamification platform; it offers valuable insights that can enhance your casino’s performance. While Gamanza Engage and Ziqni provide robust platforms, they don’t quite measure up in terms of offering strategic insights based on years of hands-on experience.

Features and Functionality

The difference casino gamification platforms all have different features and functionality, here is a breakdown of the current features available on each platform.


  • Campaign Types: Missions, Tournaments, Jackpots, Races, Chases, and Prize Drops
  • User-Interface: A highly customizable, plug n play interface that can integrate seamlessly with your casino.
  • Integration procedure: Unibo team will use your APIs to integrate with your platform. Provided with a Rewards API and a Kafka stream, Unibo makes sure that the feed is handled by the Unibo retention product and rewards are correctly instructed to the Platform to pay out. The only work required on your end is to play a java script on your game play pages.

Captain Up

  • Campaign Types: Challenges, Achievements and Tournaments
  • User Interface: Front-end functionality needs to be built yourself.
  • Integration procedure: You need to connect to CaptainUp using their APIs.


  • Campaign Types: Achievements, Missions, Tournaments and Jackpots
  • User Interface: Front-end functionality needs to be built yourself
  • Integration procedure: You need to connect to Competition Labs servers using their APIs.


  • Campaign Types: Achievements, Missions and Tournaments.
  • User Interface: Front-end functionality needs to be built your own frontend team and integrated on your site.
  • Integration procedure: Ziqni requires your team to adapt to their APIs and setup.

Gamanza Engage

  • Campaign Types: Missions, Ranks & Levels, Rewards shop and Virtual currency.
  • Tournaments and Leaderboards: Limited to these features, not as comprehensive as Unibo.
  • Integration procedure: Ziqni requires your team to adapt to their APIs and setup.

Why Unibo is the Right Choice

When you’re evaluating casino gamification platforms, several factors come into play: time-to-market, workload on your tech team, customer success management, feature set, and overall ease of use. But it’s the nuances in these areas that make all the difference, and this is where Unibo shines. The platform is not only designed to be supplier, game, and platform agnostic, it’s also built with the wisdom gleaned from decades of industry experience.

Unibo also offers something that most other platforms don’t: a complete suite of features that can be customized to fit the specific needs of any live dealer game or slot offering. Whether you’re looking to enhance player engagement through missions in games like Blackjack or Roulette, or you’re looking to drop random cash prizes to lucky players, Unibo makes it not just possible, but efficient and effective. The aim for Unibo is to keep expanding on their range of retention mechanisms and features to become the standout true gamification leader of the iGaming industry.

And don’t forget, Unibo offers something invaluable: a team that’s been in the trenches of the iGaming industry and is willing to share its wealth of knowledge to help you succeed.


While all these casino gamification platforms offer unique features, none provide the comprehensive, intuitive, and data-driven solution that Unibo does. When it comes to a quick time to market and leveraging industry experience for customer success, Unibo stands out as the go-to choice for casino operators. The platform not only meets the basic criteria but goes above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled player experience, thereby dramatically increasing core metrics such as engagement, turnover, and retention.

If you’re looking to level up your online casino, don’t settle for less. Choose Unibo, the Retention Product and service that understands your needs and knows how to help you fulfill them. Reach out for a demo today!





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