Unibo Missions Setup Tutorial

Unibo Missions Setup – A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on setting up Unibo Missions, a powerful tool to engage and reward your players. If you’re interested in a visual guide, check out our detailed YouTube tutorial above by our teammate Hannes Gerdin.

Unibo Missions provide a unique and engaging way to reward your players. They involve a series of tasks that players must complete to earn rewards. The flexibility of Unibo Missions allows you to tailor the experience to your players’ preferences and your operational needs.

Step 1: Title and Date

In this initial step, operators determine the internal name of the campaign and specify the start and end time. Additionally, operators have the option to set the campaign as recurring. This flexibility allows operators to plan and schedule tournaments according to their specific preferences and promotional strategies.

Step 2: Mission Settings and Setup

This is where you’ll create the structure of your mission. You have several options to consider:

  • Bet Type: Decide whether the missions should only include real money bets, or if bets with bonus money should count as well.
  • Game Selection: Choose which games should be included in the mission.
  • Minimum Bet: Set what the minimum bet should be for the mission.
  • Mission Order: Decide whether the players need to complete the missions in order or not. We recommend setting this so that the player needs to complete the missions sequentially.
  • Budget Notification: You can also decide whether you want to be notified if and when the cost of the campaign goes over a certain amount.

Next in the Unibo Missions Setup, you’ll set up the actual missions, tasks and rewards. A Mission campaign can have as many missions as you want. Depending on how long you are running the campaign, these can be few or many. We recommend somewhere around 5-10 missions in a mission campaign.

Each mission consists of tasks, which can be based on Deposits, Playing, or Winning. A task can be:

  • Deposit X
  • Deposit between X and Y (and more ranges)
  • Play X amount of rounds
  • Turnover €X
  • Win X times
  • Win X times your bet, Y amount of times (for example, Win 50 times your bet, 2 times)
  • Win X times in a row

You can set whether a Mission should be repeatable or not and whether the tasks in the mission must be completed in order or if all tasks can be progressed simultaneously.

When it comes to rewards, Unibo system can seamlessly award cash prizes, bonus money, and free spins in real-time and fully automatically. For platforms with additional loyalty rewards, such as loyalty points or the functionality to credit Feature Free Spins (“Bonus Buys”), Unibo ensures that these rewards can also be granted effortlessly. You are also able to add Catalog Items, such as Merchandise, Tech, Travel packages or whatever you can think of. You will of course need to send these items to the winning players when they win them, but Unibo is there to help you determine when players should win them.

Step 3: Segmentation

Step 3 focuses on segmentation, allowing operators to define the eligible players for the mission campaign. Only players who meet the specified criteria will be able to see the missions when they open a game on the operator’s site. This targeted approach ensures that promotions and missions are displayed exclusively to the intended audience, maximizing their relevance and impact.

Step 4: Terms and Conditions

In Step 4, operators review and verify the automatically generated terms and conditions for the mission campaign. These terms and conditions are translated into the languages available on the operator’s site, making them easily accessible and understandable for players. Operators can ensure that the terms and conditions align with their promotional goals and comply with regulatory requirements.

Step 5: Adding Campaign Content

Step 5 allows operators to add specific content to the mission campaign. Operators can set the name of the campaign as it will be seen by the players, creating a captivating and enticing title. Additionally, operators can select overlay background images for desktop and mobile platforms to enhance the visual appeal of the campaign. The campaign image itself is another customizable aspect, offering operators the flexibility to use different images based on language preferences or maintain a consistent image across all languages. This customization ensures that the campaign resonates with players, making it visually appealing and captivating.

Step 6: Overview

The final step, Step 6, provides an overview of the complete mission setup. Operators have the opportunity to review all the details and settings before pushing the campaign live. This overview serves as a final checkpoint, allowing operators to double-check the setup and ensure its accuracy before players engage with the tournament.

Setting up Unibo Missions is a strategic process that can greatly enhance player engagement and satisfaction. By carefully considering your mission structure, task types, and reward system, you can create a compelling and rewarding gaming experience for your players. Happy mission setting!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Unibo Missions Setup. Interested in more tutorials on Unibo setups? Check out how to set up a Highest Win tournament.





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