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Nailing Product Positioning in the Online Casino Space: Insights from “Obviously Awesome”

The world of online casinos is fiercely competitive. With an array of platforms and software solutions vying for the attention of gamers and operators alike, product positioning becomes essential. April Dunford’s “Obviously Awesome” provides a comprehensive guide on product positioning. But how do its insights apply to the digital gambling arena? Obviously Awesome brings up a 10-step positioning process. Let’s explore.

1. Understand the Market Context

In the world of online casinos, context is everything. Gamers have numerous choices — from slots, live dealer games, to poker tournaments. Products selling to online casinos, whether they’re game developers or payment solutions, need to clearly identify where they fit in.

Key Takeaway: Determine if your product is a new, groundbreaking game type or an enhanced version of an existing one. This distinction sets the stage for how you position against competitors.

2. Highlight Unique Differentiators

Dunford underscores the importance of differentiators. For online casinos, this could be game variety, user interface, or exclusive bonuses. For B2B products, it might be integration capabilities, security features, or cost-efficiency.

Key Takeaway: Identify and stress what sets you apart. If your casino offers virtual reality gaming experiences, or if your software ensures faster payouts, these are differentiators that can be emphasized in your positioning.

3. Align with Customer Priorities

Online gamers have evolved. Some prioritize graphics, others look for a variety of promotions and campaigns, and many are concerned about security. Similarly, online casino operators might prioritize reliable software, promotions variation, or compliance tools.

Key Takeaway: Understand your target segment’s priorities in Obviously Awesome. If you’re targeting the younger demographic, focus on mobile compatibility. If catering to operators, maybe it’s about ensuring regulatory compliance.

4. Relatable Reference Points

Obviously Awesome brings up that using references that the audience understands can simplify positioning. If a product brings an innovative concept to the online casino world, liken it to something familiar to make it easily understandable.

Key Takeaway: If your casino game merges slots with elements of popular mobile games (e.g., “Candy Crush”), use that as a reference. For B2B products, using comparisons like “the Shopify of online casino integrations” can be powerful.

5. Beware of the “Best” Trap

Being the best isn’t always a clear advantage, especially if the audience isn’t sure what “best” means. Dunford warns against generic claims.

Key Takeaway: Instead of saying you’re the best online casino, specify why. Is it because of the highest payouts? Or perhaps the most interactive live dealer experiences?

6. Positioning Isn’t Static

The online casino industry is dynamic. With technological advancements and changing regulations, what’s relevant today might not be tomorrow.

Key Takeaway: Re-evaluate your positioning regularly. As virtual reality becomes mainstream or as new payment methods emerge, your casino or product might need repositioning.

7. Avoid the Curse of Knowledge

Often, businesses know their products too well, assuming that everyone understands their jargon or tech-speak. But in the world of online casinos, clarity is paramount.

Key Takeaway: Simplify messaging. Whether it’s explaining how a game works or the benefits of a back-end casino solution, make it jargon-free and user-friendly.

8. Test and Validate Positioning

Before a major product launch or rebranding, testing is essential. Dunford emphasizes the role of feedback in refining positioning.

Key Takeaway: Use focus groups or beta testers. For online casinos, maybe it’s offering early access to a new game. For B2B solutions, it could mean a trial period for select casino operators.

9. Evolve with Customer Feedback

A product might be introduced with a specific positioning in mind, but customer feedback can highlight unseen strengths or weaknesses.

Key Takeaway: Listen to gamers and operators. Their insights can unveil hidden gems about your product, allowing for stronger, more resonant positioning.

10. The Power of Storytelling

Dunford’s methodology isn’t just about identifying unique traits; it’s about conveying them compellingly. In an industry as engaging as online gambling, the story becomes vital.

Key Takeaway: Craft a compelling narrative. If your online casino takes gamers on a journey through ancient civilizations, narrate that. If your product promises seamless operations for casino platforms, tell the story of hassle-free gaming experiences.

In conclusion, while “Obviously Awesome” isn’t explicitly about online casinos, its principles hold immense value for this industry. In a space defined by bright lights, big jackpots, and infinite choices, clear and compelling positioning can be the ultimate game-changer. Whether you’re a casino platform or a product catering to them, mastering positioning as Dunford outlines can indeed make your offering “obviously awesome” to your target audience.





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