Unibo goes live on Betgoals.com

The iGaming world is buzzing with anticipation as Betgoals.com, a newly launched online casino licensed and regulated by Curacao, embraces the revolutionary Unibo Gamification Suite. This exciting collaboration marks the beginning of a transformative journey, with Unibo’s cutting-edge gamification tools poised to elevate player engagement to new heights on the renowned Igamingplatform.com (IGP).

A Winning Collaboration

At Unibo, we believe in the power of collaboration, and Betgoals.com is an ideal partner for unleashing the true potential of our Gamification Suite. Boasting a reputable Curacao license and a strong presence on Igamingplatform.com, Betgoals.com shares our vision for creating exceptional player experiences through innovative engagement strategies.

Empowering Player Engagement

Unibo’s Gamification Suite empowers Betgoals.com to captivate players like never before. The passionate team at Betgoals.com can now craft thrilling promotions and campaigns that keep players entertained and eager to participate throughout their gaming journey.

Fueling Success with Customer Success

The heart of our success lies in the success of our partners. That’s why the Unibo Customer Success Team is beaming with excitement to collaborate with Betgoals.com. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to supporting and guiding Betgoals.com in achieving their goals and realizing the full potential of the Gamification Suite.

Unlocking the Possibilities

Through personalized training sessions, our Customer Success Manager will delve into the backoffice, working closely with the Betgoals.com team to teach them how to set up and optimize each campaign type. Tips, tricks, and best practices will be generously shared to ensure a seamless integration and maximum impact.

A Journey Towards Extraordinary Gaming Experiences

As Betgoals.com and Unibo join forces, the stage is set for an extraordinary gaming adventure. The Unibo Gamification Suite offers a range of exciting campaign types, including Interactive Missions, Fierce Tournaments, Jackpot Frenzy, Rewarding Prize Drops, and Engaging Races. These gamification tools will fuel Betgoals.com’s quest to keep players engaged, rewarded, and enthralled.

Innovate, Engage, and Excel

Together, we embark on a journey fueled by innovation and player-centric engagement. With Unibo’s Gamification Suite, Betgoals.com players will experience a gaming paradise, where rewards, challenges, and excitement await around every corner.


The Unibo Customer Success Team stands ready to support Betgoals.com in transforming their gaming platform into a hub of excitement and rewards. As the Unibo Gamification Suite makes its mark on Betgoals.com, players can anticipate an unforgettable gaming experience like never before. This dynamic collaboration exemplifies Unibo’s commitment to empowering our partners and players alike, setting the stage for a thrilling and successful gaming journey for Betgoals.com. Together, we will innovate, engage, and excel, creating a new standard of player engagement in the iGaming world.





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