EGR B2b awards 2024

Unibo Shortlisted for Prestigious EGR B2B Awards 2024: A Testament to Innovation and Excellence in iGaming

Unibo, a frontrunner in software development for the iGaming industry, has once again demonstrated its industry-leading capabilities and commitment to enhancing player experience and retention. We are thrilled to announce that Unibo has been shortlisted in two distinguished categories at the EGR B2B Awards 2024: “Acquisition & Retention Partner” and “Services Rising Star”.

A Closer Look at the EGR B2B Awards 2024

The EGR B2B Awards, renowned for recognizing the best service providers in the online gaming industry, set the gold standard for excellence. These awards acknowledge companies that power the gaming sector, with a focus on innovation, growth, and operational excellence. Being shortlisted is a significant accomplishment, underscoring a company’s role as a leader in this competitive landscape.

Unibo’s Journey to the Shortlist

Unibo’s journey to this prestigious shortlist is a story of continuous innovation and dedication. With a robust platform designed to engage and retain players, Unibo has transformed the standard service offering into a dynamic gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Acquisition & Retention Partner

As nominees for the “Acquisition & Retention Partner” category, we have pioneered methods to dramatically increase key metrics such as engagement, turnover, repeat visits, and, crucially, retention. Unibo’s platform adds layers of excitement and engagement through a variety of campaign types including Missions, Tournaments, Jackpots, Races, Chases, and Prize Drops. These tools not only enhance the player experience but also provide invaluable data that helps tailor future offerings to meet evolving player needs.

Services Rising Star

The nomination for “Services Rising Star” reflects our rapid ascent as an influential provider in the iGaming industry. This category celebrates newer companies that have shown exceptional growth and innovative solutions. At Unibo, innovation is in our DNA; we are constantly refining our technology and services to ensure they are second to none. Our platform’s agnostic nature to suppliers, games, and platforms allows operators unlimited flexibility, making it a preferred choice for online casinos worldwide.

The Impact of These Nominations

Being shortlisted for these prestigious awards is not just an honor; it is a reinforcement of our commitment to excellence and innovation. It positions Unibo at the forefront of the industry, showcasing our strengths to operators, partners, and competitors. It also enhances our credibility and helps forge new partnerships while strengthening existing ones.

What Sets Unibo Apart?

At Unibo, our edge lies in our deep understanding of player psychology and our technological prowess. Our team’s extensive experience in the online casino sector has enabled us to build a product from the ground up that intuitively meets the needs of both players and operators. Our real-time analytics, in-game feedback systems, and comprehensive back-office management tools empower operators to deliver a seamless gaming experience.

Looking Ahead

As we approach the awards ceremony, we remain focused on our mission to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the iGaming world. Regardless of the outcome at the EGR B2B Awards, our path forward is clear. We will continue to enhance our product offerings, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge, and solidify our position as industry leaders.

In conclusion, these nominations are a moment of pride for everyone at Unibo. They validate our efforts and fuel our ambition to keep reaching higher, ensuring that we continue to offer unmatched services that revolutionize player engagement and retention in the iGaming industry.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as we continue to set the pace for innovation and excellence in the iGaming sector!

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