Casino Tournament Abusers

Casino Tournament Abusers: Identifying and Protecting Your Online Casino

Online casino tournaments offer an exhilarating and competitive gaming experience for players. However, just like any other aspect of the gaming world, there are individuals who seek to take advantage of the system for their benefit. These players, known as “tournament abusers,” exploit various strategies to climb the leaderboard unfairly and gain an edge over other participants.In this article, we shed light on the tactics these abusers employ and how your online casino can effectively defend itself against such exploitation.

Understanding Tournament Abusers

Tournament abusers are crafty players who meticulously seek out opportunities to exploit specific types of casino competitions. They focus on maximizing their chances of winning by pinpointing tournaments with fewer participants or loosely defined rules. Subsequently, they adopt tactics tailored to the tournament’s scoring mechanism, aiming to secure the highest position on the leaderboard.

Types of Tournaments Targeted by Abusers

  1. Highest Win Tournaments: Abusers capitalize on single large wins rather than focusing on consistent gameplay. By placing minimum bets and getting lucky on a high-volatility slot, they attempt to catapult themselves to the top of the leaderboard.
  2. Points Tournaments: These cunning players manipulate the points-based system to their advantage. Whether it’s exploiting loose betting requirements or strategically selecting games with exploitable win conditions, they relentlessly gather points to outpace genuine competitors.
  3. Points Based on “Won Amount”: In tournaments where points are awarded based on the amount won, abusers use calculated betting patterns to optimize their point accumulation, regardless of overall profitability.

Identifying Tournament Abusers

Detecting tournament abusers can be challenging, but Unibo’s Customer Success team is equipped with the expertise to help your online casino combat such abuses. By closely monitoring player behavior and implementing proactive measures, you can effectively identify potential abusers before they gain an unfair advantage.

Defending Your Online Casino

  1. Set Minimum Bet Requirements: Establishing a minimum bet amount per spin or game ensures that players are genuinely engaged in the tournament. This prevents abusers from exploiting low minimum bets to increase their chances of winning.
  2. Review and Update Tournament Rules: Regularly review tournament rules and scoring mechanisms. With Unibo’s Customer Success team, you gain insights into best practices and updates to safeguard against potential loopholes that abusers might exploit.
  3. Monitor Gameplay Patterns: Analyze player behaviors during tournaments to identify suspicious patterns, such as repeated minimum bets or targeted gameplay on specific games.
  4. Game Restrictions: Limit or exclude certain games from tournaments if they are prone to abuse due to their structure or volatility. Unibo provides flexibility in tailoring promotions to mitigate potential exploits.

Leverage Unibo’s Customer Success Team

Unibo takes pride in its dedicated Customer Success team, which works tirelessly to equip your online casino with the knowledge and tools to thwart tournament abuses. From initial integration training to monthly and quarterly reviews, the team collaborates with you to optimize promotions and minimize the risk of exploitation.


Tournament abusers are a challenge that every online casino faces, but with the right strategies and support, you can protect your platform and create a fair gaming environment for all participants. Unibo’s comprehensive platform and expert Customer Success team empower your casino to stay one step ahead of abusers and foster an enjoyable gaming experience that truly rewards genuine player engagement.

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