Unibo Shortlisted at EGR Nordics Awards 2024

In the world of iGaming, recognition and accolades are hard-earned and highly coveted. Unibo, a leading software development company dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly retention products for players, providers, and operators in iGaming, has achieved a remarkable milestone. They have been shortlisted as the Acquisition and Retention Partner of the Year at the prestigious EGR Nordics Awards 2024. This recognition is a testament to Unibo’s commitment to revolutionizing player engagement and retention in the iGaming industry.

Understanding the EGR Nordics Awards

Before delving into Unibo’s achievement, let’s take a closer look at the EGR Nordics Awards and why they hold such significance in the iGaming landscape. These awards are organized by EGR (eGaming Review), a leading source of news and analysis for the online gaming industry. The EGR Nordics Awards specifically celebrate excellence in the Nordic region, recognizing outstanding contributions in various categories within the iGaming sector.

The Shortlist: A Select Group of Industry Pioneers

To be shortlisted for an award at the EGR Nordics Awards is a remarkable achievement in itself. It signifies that a company has stood out in a highly competitive field, showcasing its prowess and dedication to excellence. Unibo finds itself in the esteemed company of industry pioneers and innovators, all vying for recognition in their respective categories.

Unibo’s Journey to Excellence

Unibo’s journey to the shortlist for Acquisition and Retention Partner of the Year has been nothing short of extraordinary. As the CEO of Unibo, I have witnessed firsthand the relentless dedication of our team in creating a product that adds an unparalleled layer of excitement and engagement for players. This dedication has translated into tangible results for our partners in the iGaming industry.

A Dream Solution for CRM and Casino Teams

One of the reasons Unibo stands out is because we have built our product from scratch, honing it repeatedly based on extensive operational and commercial experience in online casinos. Our platform offers a dream solution for CRM and Casino teams, addressing their unique needs with precision.

Unibo is Supplier, Game, and Platform Agnostic

Flexibility is key in the iGaming industry, and Unibo understands that. Our product is supplier, game, and platform agnostic, which means that operators don’t need to limit their campaigns to certain games. This flexibility allows operators to run casino campaigns across any combination of games, giving them the freedom to cater to diverse player preferences.

In-Game Front End Solution for Direct Player Feedback

Understanding player psychology and behavior is at the core of what we do at Unibo. Our in-game front-end solution provides a direct channel for player feedback. This real-time interaction with players allows operators to gather insights and make data-driven decisions to enhance the gaming experience.

A Proprietary Back Office for Seamless Management

Efficiency is paramount in the iGaming industry. Unibo simplifies campaign management by offering a single proprietary back office. Operators can easily monitor and control their campaigns, access real-time statistics, set up alerts, and much more, all from one centralized platform.

Diverse Campaign Types for Enhanced Engagement

Unibo’s product comes with a range of campaign types, including Missions, Tournaments, Jackpots, Races, Chases, and Prize Drops. These campaigns are designed to keep players engaged and excited, fostering a sense of competition and community within the gaming environment.

The Power of Real-Time Notifications

In an era where instant gratification is the norm, Unibo leverages real-time notifications to keep players informed and engaged. Whether it’s getting the updates on your latest task completion or points increase in a tournament, our overlay ensures that players are always in the loop, driving up retention rates.

The Link Between Engagement and Retention

Player engagement is the cornerstone of player retention. Unibo understands this connection and has crafted its product to boost both engagement and retention. By creating an immersive gaming experience that captivates players, Unibo helps operators keep their player base active and loyal.

Unibo’s Impact on Core Metrics

Our commitment to enhancing player engagement and retention has a tangible impact on core metrics for iGaming operators. Engagement, turnover, repeat visits, and retention rates all experience significant improvement with the implementation of Unibo’s Retention solution.

Sharing Knowledge for Industry Growth

Unibo’s journey to becoming a shortlisted candidate at the EGR Nordics Awards 2024 is not just about recognition; it’s about sharing knowledge and expertise with the entire iGaming community. Over my 15 years of experience in the industry, I’ve gained insights into player psychology and behavioral sciences, understanding what makes different players tick.

Using Unibo’s Functionality to Maximize Revenues

Unibo’s product is designed to empower operators with the tools they need to maximize player retention and, ultimately, revenues. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping operators leverage Unibo’s functionality to achieve their goals

In Conclusion

The shortlisting of Unibo as the Acquisition and Retention Partner of the Year at the EGR Nordics Awards 2024 is a significant milestone. It underscores our dedication to revolutionizing the iGaming industry and creating products that drive engagement, retention, and revenue growth.

As we continue our journey, we remain committed to sharing our knowledge and insights with the iGaming community, helping operators thrive in this dynamic and competitive landscape. Unibo’s success is a testament to our team’s hard work, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence in iGaming.

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more exciting developments from Unibo as we strive to push the boundaries of player engagement and retention in iGaming.





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