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Unibo’s 2023: A Year of Global Engagement and iGaming Events

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on an eventful year for Unibo. Our journey through various conferences and summits has not only fortified our presence in the iGaming world but also allowed us to share and enhance our knowledge about player retention and gamification. Here’s a recap of the key events we graced this year.

1. ICE London (8th-10th February)

ICE London is Europe’s largest gaming event, attracting key players from the international gaming community. Here, Unibo showcased its cutting-edge technology and networked with industry leaders, setting the tone for a year of innovation and growth.

2. EGR Nordics Briefing (23rd February)

This event brought together top-level executives from the Nordic iGaming sector. Our CEO’s joint roundtable with Delasport CEO Owen Schwartz provided valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities in the Nordic market.

3. Prague Gaming and Tech Summit (29th-30th March)

Organized by Hipther, the Prague Gaming and Tech summit focused on the intersection of gaming and technology. Our CEO’s panel discussion on retention and gamification highlighted how these elements are crucial in driving player engagement in the digital era. More on this can be seen at Hipther’s website.

4. Online Casino Summit Italia (4th-5th May)

This inaugural Eventus-organized summit centered on the Italian market, where our CEO not only moderated a panel but also provided insights on gamification in iGaming, emphasizing the importance of innovative player engagement strategies in this vibrant market.

5. Mare Balticum Tech and Gaming Event (16th-17th May)

This event in Riga, organized by Hipther, focused on technological advancements in gaming. Our CEO’s participation in the gamification panel underscored Unibo’s role in leading the industry towards more engaging gaming experiences.

6. Casinobeats Summit (24th-25th May)

At this summit in Malta, our CEO contributed to a discussion on how retention and gamification strategies are reshaping the iGaming landscape, emphasizing Unibo’s forward-thinking approach in these areas.

7. iGaming Germany (6th-7th June)

In Munich, this event brought together industry leaders to discuss the evolving German market in Munich. Our CEO’s insights on promotions and retention strategies were particularly relevant in the context of the newly regulated German market.

8. iGaming NEXT: Valletta (21st-22nd June)

At this prestigious event, our CEO moderated a panel on retention, showcasing Unibo’s thought leadership and the importance of player retention in sustaining the iGaming industry’s growth.

9. iGB Live! (11th-14th July)

In Amsterdam, iGB Live! provided a platform for Unibo to network with industry peers and discuss the latest trends. Our team’s presence emphasized Unibo’s commitment to staying connected with the evolving needs of the industry.

10. SiGMA Balkans & CIS (5th-6th September)

Our CEO’s participation in two panels at this SiGMA event in Limassol, Cyprus reflected our deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the Balkans and CIS regions, particularly in terms of retention and gamification.

11. SBC Summit Barcelona (19th-21st September)

This summit was an excellent opportunity for Unibo’s team to network with industry leaders and discuss our innovative products, further establishing our presence in the European market.

12. Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Event (19th-20th October)

At this Athens event, our CEO’s panel discussion on retention and promotional tools provided valuable insights into how effective marketing strategies can enhance player engagement and retention.

13. European Gaming Congress (31st October)

This congress in Warsaw, hosted by Hipther, saw our CEO discussing gamification and slot building, highlighting Unibo’s role in driving technological innovation in slot games.

14. Scandinavian Gaming Show (2nd-3rd November)

In Stockholm, our CEO moderated a panel focusing on retention and marketing in iGaming, showcasing our expertise in these critical areas for the Scandinavian market.

15. SiGMA Europe (14th-16th November)

This large-scale event in Malta provided a platform for discussing immersive experiences in iGaming, with our CEO contributing insights into how these experiences can enhance player engagement.

16. Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (22nd-23rd November)

Our CEO’s live-streamed presentation of the Unibo Retention product and interview about the industry outlook showcased our leadership and vision for the future of iGaming at the BEGE 2023.

17. Eastern European Gaming Summit

Finally, our CEO’s involvement in a press conference and a panel on Gamification and AI at this summit emphasized our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies in iGaming.

Looking Ahead to 2024

This year’s engagements have not only solidified Unibo’s presence across the globe but also reinforced our commitment to leading the charge in the iGaming industry. As we look forward to 2024, we remain dedicated to innovating and sharing our expertise in player retention and gamification, driving the iGaming industry towards new heights. See you at many conferences and events next year as well! First out is ICE 2024 in London!





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